PayPal is Shutting down Domestic Payments Business in India

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In just less than 4 years that the American giant started the local operation in the world as the second largest internet market, PayPal would be shutting down its domestic business in India.

PayPal is Shutting down Domestic Payments Business in India

A spokesman in the company said that from April 1st 2021, they will shift focus to enabling more international sales for Indian businesses rather than the domestic product in India. This simply means that the company will no longer be offering domestic payment service in India beginning from April 1st 2021.

In the cause of this new decision, some employees in PayPal have been reassigned to new teams where by having to do more impact on the people. A spokesman said that the workforce is growing in India and not reducing and they are currently recruiting across our sites in India in large numbers.

Furthermore, PayPal Company said that its priorities had shifted in India but did not state why it was winding down the business.  The Indians said that PayPal was abandoning its local payments business in Indian and this is one claim PayPal had refuted at the moment, this happen in December.

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