Amazon to Soon use Cameras and AI to Monitor Delivery Drivers

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This new invention and technology is really amazing, amazon drivers will constantly be on a check to make many deliveries are made. The camera would be installed onboard amazon delivery vehicles. This news was passed on Wednesday and it showed a video on how this will work effectively.

Amazon to soon use Cameras and AI to monitor delivery drivers

The aim of the driver monitoring system is to detect dangerous acts both in and out of the car, so therefore, the camera system is installed on the roof just behind the windshield and it has four cameras. Three of the cameras are pointing outside the vehicle and the last one is fixed inside the car for the driver’s view.

In its video, Amazon stresses that the framework doesn’t record sound and doesn’t have the capacity for constant observing. Amazon says that bosses are never going to be distantly watching drivers as they travel along with their courses. Drivers can incapacitate the driver-confronting camera when the vehicle is halted.

Amazon contends that the cameras can some of time be useful to drivers. For instance, if another vehicle collides with the Amazon vehicle, the film caught by the cameras could demonstrate that the Amazon driver wasn’t to blame.

Amazon contends that the framework will enhance street wellbeing. Terrible drivers will get criticism—either straightforwardly from the observing framework or from a manager afterward—and will ideally improve their driving conduct.

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