Online Shopping Apps Nigeria | 9 Best Free Online Shopping Apps In Nigeria

Online Shopping Apps Nigeria – We’ve literally been on lockdown for quite a while now and basic things and events we carry out daily are beginning to become a challenge. One of these basic things is shopping, who would have thought anyone would be afraid of going to the mall or marketplace.

Guess, that’s why online shopping. In a country like Nigeria where COVID19 cases are at its peak, going out becomes more like a risk talk less of going shopping for clothes or anything at that.

When online shopping first came to Nigeria, it wasn’t really accepted because of the beliefs of frauds and scams. But these days its importance is beginning to get recognition not just because of the pandemic but also just how easy, convenient, and secure it has become.

online shopping apps nigeria

This article will be providing you with the very best online shopping apps in Nigeria. They offer almost all kinds of products from groceries, electronic gadgets, educational items to even automobiles and massive machinery.

9 Best Free Online Shopping Apps In Nigeria

These apps are not rated or listed in any particular order, they are just some of the most well-reviewed online shopping apps used in Nigeria.

1. Konga

This is one of the most popular online shopping apps whose fame has grown among Nigerians. It’s not just a shopping platform per se but also a marketplace.

A marketplace app in the sense that it connects buyers to sellers. This means that this app is not just for buyers but also for people looking to sell one or two things.

2. Jumia Online Shopping

It no secret that the number 1 online shopping platform in Africa has an app. An app that is nicely configured and designed to help the user navigate easily.

This is one of the first and most prominent online stores in Nigeria. Here you can find almost anything an online store could offer and more.

There is so much zeal and purpose to Jumia service, sometimes I like to refer to them as African Amazon.

By using their apps you could also stand a chance to get discounts, promo offers, and probably some rewards. The above sentence recorded my use of “their”, implying that Jumia has quite a number of apps that are categorized based on their uses.

3. Jiji

The main reason anyone would tell me they don’t really know about this app or its platform is probably that it’s new especially when compared to the likes of Jumia and Konga.

Just as great as the other two listed above, I would prescribe this app to people looking to shop for fashion wears, machines, and automobiles in Nigeria. Reasonable prices, promo/discount offers, and a simple app interface that is compatible with almost all kinds of mobile devices.

It also works on the buy and sell policy. This implies that you can also sell things on the Jiji app. What more could you ask for?

4. Jumia Deals

There is Jumia Online shopping which I listed above and then there is Jumia deals which we are currently on now. This is Jumia’s version of a marketplace.

While the first kind of Jumia app is solely for shopping, on this app you could also sell. Buying here connects you straight to a seller.

This is the perfect platform when looking for something unique or not common. This app provides a marketplace network where buyers and sellers can meet over the purpose of marketing.

5. Spar Nigeria Rewards

This is another very popular online shopping platform whose numerous users might not know it has an app. Spar Nigeria operates in Nigeria, efficiently in Abuja and Lagos, and is one of the best online shopping services anyone would use.

They also offer door delivery service, which makes them better than the likes of Jumia in terms of delivery. With this online app, ordering electronics and groceries won’t really be much of a challenge anymore.

6. Shoprite

Shoprite is probably the biggest, most popular shopping mall in Nigeria. It’s basically the most visited too with its malls located in almost every state in Nigeria.

Unlike other apps on this list, Shoprite’s fame is based more on its physical presence than its online presence.

This shopping platform also has an app that can be downloaded from any app store. With its app, you can shop from home and choose to get your orders delivered to your doorsteps or Pick it up at the Shoprite store.

The only downside of its app is the glitches and cracks users have complained about in the app.

Their delivery is fast and reliable and prices are exactly as reasonable as going to the store except on Sundays where you have the regular Sunday charges.

7. Amazon   

You didn’t think I will end this list without mentioning some of the world’s largest shopping platforms, did you? Yes, it’s not Nigerian neither African like the rest, but it’s also one of the most visited shopping platforms by Nigerians.

Amazon app is no news to anyone, except you’ve been in the jungle. There is almost nothing you can’t find here from fashion wears to electronics and sometimes even junk materials.

8. Yudala Online Shopping

Yudala is not really an old service when it comes to online shopping, its online shopping service started in 2015, 5 years ago. It’s one of those platforms in Nigeria that has a lot of potential due to the quality of its services.

Personally, I have utilized this app and it really went beyond my expectations until recently when Yudala merged with Konga. This happened on the 1st of May 2018 making Yudala operate under Konga’s name.

Technically, there is no Yudala online store or shopping app and although you might come across one, it won’t really be wise using it.

9. Payporte Mobile Store

It started its operation in Nigeria late 2014, although it was launched in 2012.

This is the best online mall to get electronics and electrical equipment from and also fashion wears. Its app is just as organized as its website which was redesigned last year.

It also allows free shipping for orders with main cities like Abuja and Lagos and a 7 day limit for free order(s) return.

This app offers you the convenience of shopping online from your mobile device and like all other apps listed on this device, can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

In Conclusion, there are a lot of online shopping sites in Nigeria but not lots of Online shopping apps that are safe and secure to download. Stats show that more than 500 orders are placed with different online sites daily generating more than one billion nairas worth of transactions monthly.

If most of these sites develop and design a mobile app that is effective, neat, and easy to navigate, without a doubt, there will be a massive increase in those figures. This list is filled with the best and most used online shopping apps in Nigeria in no particular order


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