New Facebook – New Facebook Mode | How to Switch to the New Facebook

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New Facebook – Facebook announced its latest interface last year at the F8 conference which was later tested on its desktop’s site. The new Facebook is now being released across all devices and it is going to be a whole new interface for Facebook users.

The new Facebook has been quite a topic on Facebook, with users expecting its coming. Every time a new feature or app is released on Facebook, it’s always a good one, this one is different.

It’s not just good, it’s excellent because it’s about Facebook creating a new simpler interface for its users. The main aim of this interface is to create a more easy to navigate and less bulky Facebook interface.

new facebook

Let me put it this way, you know how you enter your room on a particular day and feel it looks scattered and stuffy. Well, Facebook just tripped on that day and have discovered that the Classic Facebook looks scattered and stuffy. Therefore, they’ve rearranged their room hence revamping how its interface looks.

What the New Facebook is About

Going through all Facebook updates, I have never been more excited as I am of this one. Facebook is finally popping out a cleaner and simpler interface, “arranging its untidy room”.

In one word the new Facebook is about “simplicity”. Your Facebook newsfeed won’t be filled with stuff you have no idea about anymore and you won’t have to click on the menu to access your Facebook profile page.

Also this update centers on groups and helping users organize their events. There is a new tab that informs and reminds users about events they do not want to miss. Groups are arranged in a simple tab, where you can view the groups you’ve joined or check-out new ones you want to join.

You could control the kind of posts you get on your newsfeed with ease. There is also an in-app dark mode option for the Facebook app. This couldn’t get better, I’d say but it actually does.

Enough spoilers, why don’t I let you see for yourself and experience a better Facebook.

How to Switch to New Facebook

Since Facebook developed its new interface, it’s been allowing users to test the interface. It does this by sending them prompts to switch to the new interface. Once you sign in to your Facebook account, you will receive this prompt. Just approve the switch and enjoy Facebook’s improvement and updates.

There is a very high probability some users might not receive the prompt as few Facebook users only have this opportunity. If you are in this section and you want to switch to New Facebook, try out this steps;

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the drop-down menu just on the right side of your Facebook news feed page.
  • Keep scrolling until you come across the “Switch to the New Facebook” option. Click on it.

Well done, you just got into Facebook’s improved interface. Check out all its features and if you do consider switching back, try out the guide below;

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