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Netflix Customer Service Phone Number – Netflix founded as far back as 1997 started its services renting and selling DVDs by mails and in 2007 started offering online streaming services. The rest is pretty much what we can testify about today.

Netflix has grown to become the biggest online streaming media service in the world. With “Netflix Originals”, it has become more of a producer and movie distributor.

Its plans are reasonable and its media quality is arguably the best of any online streaming service. Netflix had a whooping sum of 182.8 million subscribers recorded earlier this year.

netflix customer service phone number

Being on lockdown will enforce people to take desperate measures to ensure they are not bored at home. This should cause a large increase in the number of subscribers Netflix has.

Netflix Customer Service

The services Netflix offers are bound to go sideways especially when you consider the number of people using its services. Netflix’s customer service is just as good as the services it offers.

It’s very easy to contact them about any issue you might experience while using Netflix services. If you encounter an issue that’s not urgent or very bad, you should consider just visiting Netflix’s help center.

Here, you can get answers to all your questions about Netflix, manage your Netflix account, and quick links to edit some information on your Netflix account.

Netflix Customer Service – Phone Number

You need to contact Netflix fast probably because whatever issue you are encountering while using Netflix’s services is urgent and unique.

The Netflix customer service phone number is active 24 hours every day. Although the lockdown might affect the effectiveness of contacting Netflix, it’s still worth trying.

Ways to Contact Netflix’s Phone Number

Use the “Call Us” Button on the Netflix Help Page

I said something about Netflix’s help page earlier. All you have to do is open your web browser and type Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on “Call Us”.

Call Netflix From the Netflix App

There is a call option in the Netflix app and it is more efficient than calling Netflix directly. Open the Netflix app and sign in to your Netflix account.

Locate the Help section and tap on “Call Us”. Proceed to call the number Netflix enlists. Netflix might also provide you with a code that might speed up the calling process.

Entering this code on your Netflix call session will direct you straight to a Netflix agent and avoid time wasting.

Netflix Mobile Numbers

Below are Netflix’s active numbers you could try calling;

Netflix Customer Service: 888-638-3549(Toll Free Number).

Customer Service: 800-585-8131.

Have Problems with Netflix account or You are a New Subscriber: 866-579-7172.

Membership Services or Old Subscribers: 888-357-1516.

USA Netflix Subscribers: 844-505-2993.

Australian Subscribers: +61 180 038 3368.

UK Subscribers: +44 800 096 8879.

How to Contact Netflix Customer Care Phone Number

The best time to contact Netflix will be in the morning (using U.S time-zone). Like calling any customer care service of any company, you are going to be faced with a lot of delays.

Just keep following up on the delays. Make sure you have all details about your Netflix account including the info regarding the problems you are facing while using Netflix services ready.

Also, keep writing materials close by, you might just need it. When contacting Netflix, try to use the mobile number linked to your Netflix account.

Do note that you might call Netflix and not get the result you wanted. The best thing to do will be to call again. Netflix will direct you to another agent the next time you call.

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