New Facebook Setting & Classic Facebook Setting | All You Need to Know about Classic & New Facebook

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New Facebook Setting & Classic Facebook Setting – The Facebook interface has been developing and changing since its creation in 2004. There has been immense growth in how the platform looks, aimed at making sure users feel comfy while using the platform.

Recently, I visited a Facebook help center via my web browser. I was trying to find my way around blocking a friend on Facebook.

On the help center page, I was given directions on how to go about it. But then I came across something truly amazing. Facebook gave me directions on two different Facebook interface.

new facebook setting and classic facebook setting

There were directions on how to block a friend on Facebook while using the Classic/old Facebook layout and the New Facebook layout. There have been speculations about a New Facebook design, guess I didn’t just see it coming so soon.

New Facebook

The New Facebook design became a thing when Facebook said a thing or two at their annual summit last year. There weren’t really many speculations about it from users until earlier this year when rumors started spreading that Facebook has started testing the interface.

“Facebook testing” allowed users to have to switch to the new interface and report to Facebook if there were any bugs that need to be fixed. The few Facebook users that got this opportunity found out that the New Facebook design was the best and couldn’t help it but spread the news.

Most reports centered around Facebook completing revamping its interface to look more simple. That was Facebook’s aim: A New More Simpler Facebook.

New Facebook Features

Big Spoiler Alert! The New Facebook design has the very much anticipated Facebook dark mode. Finally, the Facebook dark mode has been released and it is in the New Facebook interface.

Also, Facebook thrashed the Hamburger menu. Every option in the hamburger menu can be found just in the left-hand corner.

There are five different tabs once you login to your Facebook account. The Newsfeed tab which you should be on, Facebook watch, Facebook Gaming, Facebook Friends, and Facebook Groups. You could switch from tab to tab with just a single click.

The text fonts are bigger and easier to see. There is a new Account switcher option in the Drop-down menu just beside your Notifications and Messenger icon in the top right corner. That same Drop-down menu contains the Facebook Dark-Mode option.

Enough Spoilers, why don’t you switch to the New Facebook design.

How to Switch to New Facebook – New Facebook Settings

This new interface is only available for the Desktop users for now. At first, to switch to the New design, Facebook has to send you a prompt which you will agree to. Once you agree to this prompt, Facebook will automatically switch you to the New Facebook interface.

If you haven’t receive such prompt, don’t worry, there is another method;

  • Sign in to your Facebook account via Facebook’s desktop site.
  • Click on the Drop-down menu at the top right corner.
  • Locate and click on “Switch to New Facebook”.
  • A welcome message appears, further enlightening you about the New Facebook interface.

You might get the prompt to switch to the Facebook dark mode here.

Classic Facebook

The classic Facebook design also known as the old Facebook layout is the Facebook interface we’ve been using for the past decade. It’s the regular Facebook interface with the hamburger menu and every feature in its right place.

It’s great, actually good but I know am not the only one who always thought it looked a little bit congested and boring. Maybe, I never noticed till I got to know what the New Facebook interface looks like.

Why Do You Need the Classic Facebook?

To be frank, the classic Facebook interface was hard to get by. I’ve been using that interface since I joined Facebook and I’m quite used to it.

How do I just live with the change just like that? Also, when I switched to the New Facebook design, it was just in its testing phase.

They were still some glitches here and there. I had my doubts and there were times when I switched back to Classic Facebook using the guide below.

This is what some Facebook users had to deal with why switching to the New Facebook design. The silver lining is the fact that the New Facebook design works well now.

So do not resist the temptation to switch to the New Facebook setting & Classic Facebook setting. Whichever way you go, it’s part of the whole process

Classic Facebook Settings – How do I Switch Back to Classic Facebook.

As simple as switching to the New Facebook design, this isn’t going to take much time.

  • Sign in to your Facebook account via Facebook’s desktop site.
  • On the New Facebook Interface, click on the drop-down menu at the top right corner on your Newsfeed tab.
  • Look down and click on “Switch to Classic Facebook”.

Once you click on that option, Facebook automatically switches you to the Old/Classic Facebook setting. Welcome back, but do not stay long, make sure to switch back to the New Facebook setting in no time.

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