Mailbox With Lock | Why & How You Should Lock Your Mailbox

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Mailbox With Lock – The mailbox also known as the letterbox, a box-like container for receiving incoming mails at a residence. The mailboxes are a way of receiving mails that are being sent to you and keeping them safe until you can get them. Mailboxes are usually designed in different ways depending on the user’s preference and in which location the user resides.

mailbox with lock

General Mailbox Types

  • The Traditional Through-door delivery: Slot in the Wall or Door
  • Direct to door delivery: Box attached directly to the building.
  • Curbside delivery: Box mounted at or near the street. Used mostly in rural areas.
  • General delivery A: Mail delivery center consisting of people’s mailboxes for an entire building. This set-up tends to look more like small school lockers.
  • General delivery B: Mail delivery center consisting of numerous mails for a particular number of recipients at multiple addresses for a particular community. This kind of system is mostly used for small communities or neighborhoods with not so much population.

General delivery A and B are a type of cluster box unit or cluster mailboxes. This kind of mailboxes can have up to 16 personal locked mailbox compartments with 2 integrated parcel lockers.

Some Mailboxes are full services to the end that they could receive incoming mails and have provisions for securing outgoing mails.

Why You Should Lock Your Mailbox

The General delivery A and B consist of compartments of locked mailboxes. We might conclude, this is done to prevent people from mistakenly picking someone else’s mail. But its main purpose is to prevent theft.

Mails are private messages. If they were not so private, we wouldn’t need mailboxes, and Postal carriers might consider reading the contents of the mail out loud. If you don’t want any part of your private life being open to strangers, you should lock your mail.

Mail thieves could use whatever information they get from your mails to steal your identity and financially drain you. With access to bills and credit card statements, purchases can be made in your name, and steps will be taken to keep you in the dark about it. With mailbox lock, you deter and keep potential dangers to your mailbox away and ensure that all contents of your mailbox are safe.

It’s a cheap cost to avoid so many troubles, once your mail is in a locked mailbox, it is protected from would-be mail or identity thieves.

Mailbox Security

A basic Curbside locked mailbox price start as low as $15, this is a small price to pay for your mail’s safety. There are also mailboxes as high as $200 which are standard and extremely secure, Mailboxes such as the Mail Boss 7206 or Mail Boss 7506. Although it would be better to call on a blacksmith who can create an efficiently safe mailbox.

The mailbox will have a small slot where incoming mails can go in from; the slot size depends on the size of the mailbox. Postal carriers won’t and should not have your mailbox key so in order to deliver your mails to your mailbox, that little space is very essential.

Your Mailbox should also have an anti-pry mechanism that makes them extremely hard to hack open. You could also go extreme to protect your mail by following these simple steps;

Tips on Mailbox Security

  • Keep your mailbox in good shape always. Maintenance and checking up on your mail-box regularly is very essential.
  • A metal mailbox is stronger and secure. Specifically, you should acquire one of the Mail Boss editions of mailboxes.
  • Install cameras around your Mailbox area to monitor the activities going on while you are not around.
  • Get a Label 33 from your Post Office and then paste it on your mailbox. This incurs that anyone who will cause damage or try to steal from your Mailbox can be accused legally.
  • If your mailbox has been damaged or stolen from or there are reports that your neighborhood mailboxes are being stolen from. Take precautions by repositioning your mailbox to a more hidden or covered location on your residence. Also, report whatever the case might be to the designated Post Master for investigation.

While there are laws and ethics guiding incoming mails in mailboxes, there is not so much for outgoing mails. Flags on a mailbox are used to specify that there is an outgoing mail but this could also draw in mail thieves.

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