Learn how to free up space on your laptop

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Learning how to free up space on your pc can be of a great advantage to you, that way you no longer have to suffer low space memory and as well always hitting on your laptop because its constantly slow in response.

If you are interested in learning how to free up some memory space in your pc then keep the reading going till the end of this article.

On this content, you will learn some basic steps to take in making up space for your pc.

Analyze Your Hard Drive for Storage Hogs

It’s very important to know the files you are getting off your pc so you don’t delete a wrong file that’s important to that of which is not important.

Always check your pc storage to find out your storage capacity, you can as well see files with large storage and that of low storage. Search for files that are no longer needed and right click on them to be deleted then empty trash after you are done.

Clean Up Temporary and Duplicate Files

There are some files that are stored more than one in your system, find them and get rid of them immediately to free up space. Also there are some thumbnails and catches that are stored in your system without your knowing that would need to be deleted once found out.

Click on the start menu icon on your system and search for Disk cleanup. A list of files would be displayed of which you can delete them, click ‘ok’ to delete files.

Send files to External or cloud storage.

If you such a person that stores large files in the system and you know that those files are not needed for use urgently, you can send them to your hard drive or cloud storage.

Keep such files in the system is not of any use in the system because its taking more space that is meant for other important files.

Get a hard drive where you can be saving such large files in and save up space for other files to come in. you can as well upload such large files on cloud storage services like drobox or one drive. You can get them back anytime you need them for make use of.

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