Konga Black Fridays | Konga Sales Promo – 80% OFF

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Konga is one of the few major online shopping platforms available in Nigeria. Konga has inputted itself into the lives of Nigeria from 2013 and since then they have operated in the country. The Konga Black Fridays In the year 2019 happens on the 29th of November and like all major shopping platforms, it runs to December 2nd which is cyber Monday.

Konga Black Friday

Konga is one of the few major shopping platforms in the country in this period as a time to increase their sales and customer loyalty. They put up different things for sales ranging from clothes, tech items, laptops, phones etc. These are some of the items that go on sale on the Konga Black Fridays.

Features Of Konga Black Fridays

Konga Black Fridays run massive discounts on a specific Friday in the year. It allows for users to be able the get deals that are almost 80% off. In the previous years, they gave offers of up to 80% off which is a good way to shop . But there are always a limited amount of goods for sale on Black Fridays. This are some of the major features of Konga’s Black Fridays.

  • Konga Black Fridays allow for their users to save massively during the period users can save a lot of money by just purchasing things on the platform during the Black Friday and they start displaying the massive discounts that they offer ahead of time on their home page and they also send Emails to users .
  • It is one of the best ways for Konga to generate massive revenue, by creating a platform where things are cheap they are ensured of massive users or a massive turnout or outcome for the Black Friday sales which means they stand to make a massive gain.

It has been reoccurring for 3  successful years, it has gained more and more ground in the Nigerian market, they have improved their services year in and year out. They even introduce free shipping for goods bought on Black Friday, this means that users can get their goods delivered to them anywhere for free.

How To Use Konga Black Fridays

This allow for users to enjoy the whole Black Friday. Kong’s Black Friday comes up on the 29th of November which is actually the same day as most stores worldwide on that day observe the Black Friday. This are the steps to use Konga Black Fridays.

  1. Open web browser
  2. Open the Konga website www.konga.com
  3. Select the goods to purchase.

This are the steps to be able to use the Konga platform on the Black Friday day which holds on the 29th of November.

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