Jumia Black Friday | Jumia Black Friday Deals 2019

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Jumia Black Friday is one of the most anticipated Black Friday celebrations and sales that hold in Nigeria on the 29th of November. Jumia would celebrate its Black Friday for the year 2019. On this day, Jumia would run massive sales across all stores on which they sell things from clothing stores to tech stores to food items.

Jumia Black Friday

This is one of the most successful black Fridays that is been held in Nigeria. In these celebrations, Jumia brings a lot of goods on massive sales and Jumia has introduced a new style this year their Black Friday actually starts on the 8th of November and runs for three consecutive Fridays before the actual date which is 29th of November.

Features Of Jumia Black Friday

It started in the year 2013 which was actually introduced as the Yakata massive sales which they put up thousands of goods for lower prices and since they have been evolving the Black Friday sales adding more and more things and more features to be able to get customers. These are some of the major features:

  • Jumia Black Friday in 2019 had kicked up a massive campaign in which their users have the chance to start getting deals from the 8th of November they are calling it the Black Friday’s. These sales would hold for 3 consecutive Fridays before the actual Black Friday which is on the 29th of November.
  • It is different from the regular Black Friday apart from the fact that they have massive sales they have introduced a new segment which allows for users to have kind of a treasure hunt for goods online. Users can search for certain goods and buy them at 99% off, this is a wonderful marketing strategy from Jumia.

Jumia Black Friday has stolen the hearts of most online Nigerian shoppers because they have one of the best sales in the country. Most people in Nigeria await these sales because of how interactive and how much they can save by using it.

How To Use Jumia Black Friday

At this moment, Jumia has started with massive marketing for their Black Friday. It’s about two weeks before they kick off their Black Friday sales of the year 2019, users can participate easily by checking their advertising and logging on to the platform on the day. These are the steps on how to use the Jumia Black Friday.

  1. Open website
  2. Open the Jumia website www.jumia.com.ng
  3. Buy the items needed on Black Friday.

This are the steps to be able to participate in this which comes up on the 29th of November 2019.

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