Konga Black Friday | How To Qualify For Konga Black Friday Yakata

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Konga Black Friday – As there is black Friday in other parts of the country, in which the deals day and thanksgiving falls on the same day. So retailers in Nigeria decided to use that kind of idea to serve as the team of gratitude for patronizing them.

So this retailer call “Konga” use come up with there own black Friday which always comes up from October 31, Is not that the black Friday start on the 31st of October. It has stated from t.he 1st of October and they called it” yakata Konga black Friday

Konga Black Friday |  How To Qualify For Konga Black Friday Yakata

During this Konga black Friday, many activities take place like decrease in the course of their deals, and the discount is given too, discount also occurs during delivery. The Konga Black Friday deals in many things, watch out for amazing deals on laptops, phone, clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances generators of many more in all categories, also enjoy lowest price on product from top brands such as Samsung, Tecno, infinix, HP, Sony LG and many other

Konga Black Friday Features

Konga was the first online store to start black Friday in Nigeria in November 2013 with “yakata” sales which means to fall down hard.

Product was discounted like never before and thousands of shoppers got unbelievable deals on the product in all categories. Don’t miss out on this year’s yakata sales as it promises to be awesome.

Apart from hyping deals on the product, there will also be price to be won, flash sales were most wanted product we are sold at up to 99% discount, discount vouchers, free delivery and so much more. You don’t want to miss out on all these juicy offers.

How To Qualify For This Konga Black Friday (Yakata)

 For you to have access to this Konga black Friday yakata and to have access to all this juice offer, it easy just kindly follower this step

  • Download the app from the Google play store
  • Install the app on your phone
  • Open the app and press sign in. In this place, the detail we are needed like you Gmail or email, your name in full and the this many u want to use for your account and the password
  • You we see icon writing black Friday click on it to see the deals for Black Friday

Are u thinking how you are going to pay money after clicking on the thing you buy, you can pay your money via visa/Mastercard of the bank you are using be and a notification we send to you the day your good is going to get to you, and  your good tag number we also are sent to you also….happy shopping.

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