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Spread the love – The Friday after Thanksgiving is what is known as Black Friday and it is the beginning of the holiday season shopping. Most stores, both the online and the offline stores, begins with a doorbuster sale to bring more customers.

People wait in a very long queue just to get the best out of Black Friday sales whereas they can easily log on to to get what they want online.

In the years back, black Friday used to be a one-day event but that no longer stands. For the past six years, some stores have been starting their black Friday sales before Friday, some start on Thanksgiving day and some even start on the Monday of Thanksgiving day, giving customers a whole week to shop at a discounted rate. - Black Friday Ads, Deals, & Sales

To shop on Black Friday you can go to the physical stores or you can log on to their online platform (either app or website) or better still, go to

This sales caused a backlash to those who are willing to spend the whole Thanksgiving weekend having a quality time with their family and some other retailing campaign that emphasized on spending the weekend on outdoor activities.

A lot of customers no longer wait for cyber Monday before going to to get the best deals, so they spend a lot of effort getting their place in the black Friday event. | Black Friday Shopping Tips

Though it is worth it but shopping on Black Friday is very stressful and overwhelming due to the high number of amazing deals. Most stores and platforms start theirs very early and it is usually on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Keeping track of the best deals that suites you is not usually easy so we have come up with some points to help on your shipping.

  • Since the main objective of Black Friday shopping is to buy your desired items at a discounted rate then the first thing you should do is make a list of the things you want to buy.
  • Look out for Black Friday ads to help you have an insight into the deals. This will help you make the best decision by comparison and get the best out of black Friday. Remember it is the items on your lists you are looking out for.
  • After identifying the best deals on your list of items, update each item with the best and most appropriate store to purchase from.
  • Shop online to get the best out of online deals.
  • Use gift cards to save an extra percentage on the items you buy.

Black Friday can be very stressful but with adequate and accurate planning you save yourself a lot of money and time.

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