Kitchen Necessities | 16 Condiments in a Nigerian Kitchen

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Kitchen Necessities- Like the popular saying, ” The right way to a man, is his stomach”. Very true to a reasonable extent. There are certain kitchen necessities that should always be available despite the pocket of the owner of the house. This is because some of these necessities would always sum up to becoming a meal for a day of no grocery shopping. 

They complement your cooking and enhance the natural taste and flavor of food. Some of these kitchen necessities could go beyond the use in a kitchen but as a health therapy as well as a general house cleaning agent.

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Here is a list of 16 condiments as kitchen necessities found in a common Nigerian Kitchen.


Bad breath cure, food preservative and a treatment of malaria as well as being a mosquito repellent are the health benefit of planting and having this wonderful green vegetable in your garden. As a kitchen necessity, the give flavor and aroma to your food. They are necessary in meals like porridge and soups.


 Both leaf and powder are natural flavoring agents with both health benefits and taste benefit. Science has proved over time that they aid in weight loss, decreased diabetes, decreased cancer as well as improved eye sight. They are generally known to improve the GIT (Gastrointestinal Tract) problems.

           3. OGIRI (PUNGET)

Ogiri is a flavoring made from fermented oil seeds such as beni seed, castor oil seed, soybeans, African mesquite, cotton seeds or melon seed. The process and product are similar to iru. Smells like cheese with a pungent smell.  Despite its smell, its use cannot be over emphasized. The spice is a blend of several artificial spice and gives you the local taste of a homely dish.


A pepper that has its scent and health benefit both on its leaf and seed. A hot spice used that gives this slightly bitter aroma. Has its health benefit as it contains several vitamins, proteins and fat that help in infertility and low sperm count, after child birth and the uterine muscle to remain in shape.

          5. HONEY

Despite their sweetening taste, still advised and recommended for diabetic patients and not children of at most 2 years. Has a less calorie content and more nutritional use. They help in wound healing, fight infection, releases stress and bad vision. They aid in fighting obesity and jaundice.


They serve as natural contraceptive. Every part of this pepper; bark, stem, seed, fruit, leaves. Useful in soups, porridge for taste and help in the treatment of infections. The essential oils is effective in making beauty products such as soap, cosmetics, creams. They boost the steroid hormone level.


A spice that contains vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds related to essential oil. Health wise, they relieve pain, promote digestion, and as well treats insomnia and leukemia. Used in dessert, beverages and as a spicy seasoning for taste.


Salt and maggi is actually a seasoning  to enhance taste and flavor. The unbelievable truth about the both is that one  should be used in the absence of the other as they contain harmful compositions that are not totally destroyed by heat. Salt on its own, is a major cause of belly fat and as well blood pressure increase because of its sodium and iodine content.


The chili pepper can be eaten raw, cooked, dried, or added as the main ingredient in powders and sauces. It heavily features its strong, spicy flavor. They are used in different cuisine as a taste enhancer. Has health benefit of reduced blood pressure, increased red cell formation, boost immunity, clears nasal disorder as well as eye sight.


A salty brown liquid made from fermented soybean and roasted wheat. Can be used in the preparation of any dish as a sauce. They range from thin to thick.


Vinegar is now mainly used as a cooking ingredient. White vinegar which is the best because of its less acetic acid and more water component can be used in preparation of salad, sauces and as well, baking. They aid in the control of blood sugar, reduced weight, and are important in treating many surface ailment.

           12. BAKING SODA

A raising agent in the use with confectionery and a whitener used for the teeth and dark areas of the body. Treats heart burn, aids in body exercising and serves as a natural deodorant.


Very effective in weight loss as a diet and aids in digestion as well as a whitener. Consuming on its own is hardly found because of its sour taste. They aid in the treatment of vitamin c deficiency (Scurvy).


A spice used in the preparation of mainly the pepper soup. A very necessary spice in the  meal for pregnant women. Aids digestion and avoids constipation, arthritis, and diabetes. Their leaves act as repellent to insects

           15. ACHI

This is a traditional condiment which usually comes in a powdered form and is used as a thickener for soups. Achi is frequently used by the South Eastern Nigeria to prepare delicacies like oha and onugbo soup but can be used to thicken any soup or sauce.


A brown coloured stone used as a softening agent in cooking leaves as they soften water. A major ingredient used in the preparation of Abacha. Too much consumption can cause a light tummy. Used in the production of fertilizers, soaps.

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