Sun. May 16th, 2021
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PayPal goods and services – Paypal is an online payment service, it serves as an alternative to the paper method like checks and money. You can make payments in a few seconds using the PayPal goods and services usually referred to as PayPal business, make payment without sharing your information with PayPal goods and services, all you have to do is provide their email address and they will receive payment in a simple, faster, and more secure way.

PayPal Goods and Services

Who Needs Paypal Goods And Services Account?

You may have heard about many success stories of business owners launching blooming businesses from the PayPal account over the years. It would be a surprise if you are wondering what is the difference between PayPal goods and services and a personal PayPal account

PayPal’s personal account is majorly designed for purchasing and sending out money, all you need to do is to provide contact information and a verifiable bank account.

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While PayPal goods and services offer online payment services that allow you to receive payments for items you sell. When a customer makes a purchase, PayPal process the payments and transfers the funds to your pay pal goods and services account.

PayPal goods and services is also a risk-free way for buyers to pay and purchase for goods and services without the fear of being victims of online fraud.

Paypal Charge For Goods And Services

If a customer makes payment through the goods and services, the standard USD 0.30 and, an additional 2.9% fee applies to the seller also if you make a sale of $100.00USD, the fee would be $3.20USD.

Is It Safe To Pay With Paypal Goods And Services?

It’s is safe to use PayPal goods and services and also link your account to PayPal. However, the level of threat to your account depends on what you use the service for. PayPal goods and services are a more secure way for buyers to make purchases.

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How To Request Payment In Exchange Of Goods And Services

You can request payment from anyone in exchange of goods and services with an email and get paid quickly. Here is how to achieve that:

  • Enter email address
  • Add amount
  • Add an explicit not that explains the request
  • Proceed to request for payments

Advantage Of Having A Paypal Goods And Services Account

Here are few requirements in owning a PayPal goods and services account.

  • No minimum capital or sales volume required
  • Attainable for small businesses looking to extend and increase payments option
  • Get cashback with the Paypal business account debit card
  • Low barriers of entry
  • Easy set up
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How To Set Up A Paypal Good And Services Account

  • Ensure you have an account with PayPal and if you don’t tap on sign up to get started
  • You will be asked what time of account you want to set up. Select business account and tap next to continue
  • You will be asked to provide an email address for your PayPal goods and services
  • You will be asked to provide a string password
  • After providing the password, you will be asked to provide details of business such as contacts, business name, and business address.
  • Agree to E-commerce delivery policy
  • Proceed to start using your PayPal goods and services account.

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