Change Chat Color On Instagram – Easy Guide

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Change Chat Color On Instagram – Make chatting on Instagram more fun with the updated version. There has been an upgrade on Instagram messenger this allows you to choose different themes for your Instagram chat wallpaper, change color on Instagram create an entire vibe on Instagram with this new change chat on Instagram feature.

This change chat color in Instagram brings a connection between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Besides change color on the Instagram feature, you can make the most of this feature, you will be able to access vanish mode.

Change Chat Color On Instagram

Vanish mode will make your conversation completely disappear and you can also add other features like selfie stickers and many more.

How To Change Chat Color On Instagram

Wondering how you can change chat color on your Instagram messenger? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. To change chat color on Instagram, you can achieve this by just:

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Access the information icon at the upper right corner of your hat window on Instagram
  • Under the chat setting, select themes option
  • Go through the different chat colors mad themes
  • Select the one you want and apply it
  • However, you can easily return to the original Instagram theme

There is no limit to the change chat color on Instagram. Once you apply different themes to your Instagram messenger there will be a difference to your chat wallpaper, however, the change in chat color on Instagram does not only affect all your message it will also affect all your previous messages from your history.

One cool thing about the change color on Instagram feature is that you can apply different theme to different conversation with your friends.

Instagram is always updating and adding different new features to the app, the change color on Instagram feature is just the beginning of many more updates that are yet to come.

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