Instagram Story Viewer | How to Watch Instagram Stories as an Anonymous

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Instagram Story Viewer allows you to watch or download Instagram Stories as an Anonymous, monitor all changes in the profile, new subscriptions, comments, likes and posts of public Instagram profiles. Instagram Stories will show you even deleted posts and user stories, if before deleting you added an account to our service to save data.

Instagram Story Viewer - How to Watch Instagram Stories as an Anonymous

You will see extended information in the form of daily reports about all interesting changes your Instagram profile, collected from publicly available public data.

Benefits of Instagram Story Viewer

  1. Free: Instagram Story Viewer and Stories anonymously is completely free and does not require registration.
  2. Anonymous: Insta Story Viewer will allow you to view or download details of public Instagram profiles and Stories anonymously. No one will know that you have viewed someone. Instagram account registration is not required.
  3. Functional: Anonymous Instagram Viewer will allow you to fully view any public Instagram profile, even deleted information – for example, a story or a photo. To do this, you must first enable profile monitoring.

Features of Instagram Viewer

The Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer collects and stores all Instagram profile information, even if they are later deleted. Now you can even view deleted stories anonymously!

  • Stories: Saving, Downloading and Viewing Instagram Stories!
  • Photo: Instagram Viewer and Downloader deleted posts, photos and videos
  • Comments: View deleted comments of an Instagram user
  • Likes: Find out who the person likes on Instagram
  • Subscribers: Find out who retired from subscribers and who the person subscribed to on Instagram

Do you want to watch Instagram Stories but don’t want to register with it? Or just want to browse Instagram Stories anonymously? Perhaps you need to find out who a person likes on Instagram? For example; your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband, who does he correspond with in Direct, whom does he add to subscriptions? Or do you need to supervise your child or employee in the office?

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer will help you find out the social circle and interests of any user profile anonymously and safely. Even if stories, photos and comments have been deleted, you will see the saved versions in our service.

How to watch Instagram and Stories as Anonymous

Instagram is a great social network for photos and videos. But in order to fully view it, Instagram requires registration.

But what if you don’t have an account and don’t want to register one? Or, for example, you want to watch the Stories of your friend or acquaintance, but do not want someone to know about it? After all, each such view is recorded and available for viewing in the user’s statistics.

In such situations, anonymous viewing of Instagram and stories in incognito mode through the special StoriStalker service will help.

Anonymous browsing instructions

To get started, you need to go to the home page of the site. The main page has a single field for entering the Instagram user’s alias. Enter the name you need in the field – for example, for the user the name will be Kevin. Then just press the “Watch” button.

  • You can watch stories and posts with photos and videos anonymously and even download them to your computer or smartphone.
  • You will automatically be taken to a page where all the latest Instagram stories, as well as photos and videos, will be available.
  • If you want to see another account, then at the top of the page there is a field where you need to enter the username in the same way.

The StoriStalker anonymous Instagram service is free and does not require registration. You can use it completely incognito and not be afraid to be discovered.

Want to Test the Instagram Story Viewer for FREE?

You can study the work of Anonymous Instagram and its reports on the example of a real profile. You don’t even need registration for this!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Instagram Story Viewer

You may have many questions about the work of this Instagram Viewer. Most of the FAQs are being answered below by expert users.

  1. Do you need my Instagram username and / or password?

No, it is not necessary. Everything is done on our side, we only need Instagram usernames that you want to track. For you, monitoring is absolutely anonymous. The user also will not notice the tracking.

  1. Can a user know that I am watching him?

Absolutely not, there is no connection between you and the Instagram users that is being tracked. Everything is anonymous.

  1. Can I follow any Instagram user?

For almost anyone, only if it is not private, not verified and does not have too many subscriptions and subscribers. These are the only limitations.

  1. Can I follow a user if I’m not following Instagram?

Of course you can. Tracking will not be connected with you in any way, everything is anonymous

  1. How do you collect Instagram user actions?

Instagram Story Viewer app uses publicly available data from a social network to track user behavior and verify actions performed in the form of likes, comments and subscriptions. No hacks and unauthorized access are used.

  1. What monitoring report will I receive?

You will receive convenient daily, weekly, monthly or for any period of time reports and all user actions with a detailed description. You will find out what stories and posts the user posted and deleted, and you can even download them, find out who likes and writes comments, who likes and writes comments, who he subscribes to and who subscribes to him.

  1. How accurate is the monitoring report on Instagram?

All Instagram likes, comments and subscriptions in the report are 100% accurate. The Story Viewer can only collect data from public accounts, which means that you cannot spy on private closed Instagram accounts. Even if most of the likes and comments on Instagram can be tracked, there no guarantee that they can all be tracked. You will see about 70-99% of the actions performed by a public Instagram account in your report. The accuracy depends on the activity of the account: the more active it is, the less accurate the monitoring is.

  1. How long are reports, photos and videos from posts and stories stored?

Instagram Story viewer automatically saves all information from the user on our server, even if the user deleted it, within 3 months if the surveillance is turned on, and 1 month after the end of the surveillance. Further, all content is deleted. But you can download everything for free.

  1. Why follow other users on Instagram?

Monitoring other user actions can give brands and bloggers an understanding of the needs, preferences and habits of their audience, the growth strategies of their competitors on Instagram, an understanding of the influencing factors. For individual users — this is a great way to better know other people’s interests, what their family and friends do. This will help to find out with whom the girl or guy you are interested in talking to or who your wife or husband puts likes on.

  1. Can I spy on multiple Instagram accounts?

Yes, Instagram Story viewer has an easy-to-use toolbar where you can add any number of Instagram accounts. You pay only for the number of monitoring days for each specific account.

  1. Do I need to stay online to control my account?

No, it is necessary. At the moment when you begin to track the user, everything happens in the cloud; you can turn off the computer and forget about it. And see the finished report the very next day.

  1. What happens if I log out?

The platform constantly monitors the activity of Instagram users – all operations occur on our servers, so you do not need to log in to monitor user actions. You will receive a ready-made report.

  1. Do you have a trial version?

You can see the latest monitoring reports of some public figures and make sure that we really do this.

  1. How to start or stop monitoring?

Monitoring starts automatically after you buy the tracking time for the added account. There is no need to start or stop monitoring. If you want to stop monitoring, you can delete it from the control panel. The remaining monitoring time is NOT refundable.

  1. Can I pay with a credit / debit card?

Yes, we use a secure and reliable Visa and MasterCard payment processing service.

  1. Can I track the actions of a private closed Instagram account?

No, this is impossible. The Instagram story Viewer respect privacy; you cannot track Instagram private posts.

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