How to Use Truecaller’s Guardians Personal Safety App

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Truecaller, the well-known call screening application, as of late delivered ‘Gatekeepers’ – an individual security application to help clients share areas with loved ones. In this article, we’ll be investigating how you can utilize the application to rapidly contact your relatives if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis. We’ve additionally covered the security parts of the application, so ensure you read till the end prior to giving it a shot

How to Use Truecaller Guardians Personal Safety App

Steps to Use the Truecaller Guardian Personal Safty App

We will carefully look at the steps below so as to help you practice whiles trying to do it on your own.

Set up Guardians APP

Guardian application is accessible on both Android and iOS. During the account creation measure, the application requests your telephone number, name, sex, and birth year. You can likewise alternatively set a profile picture for your account.

When you enter these fundamental subtleties, the application will demand authorizations. The necessary consents incorporate contacts, area, and telephone. As per the organization, contact authorization is needed to allow you to pick your loved ones as watchmen. It additionally consoles that your contacts are not being transferred to workers.

Furthermore, area consent is required constantly so the application can impart the area information to watchmen in any event, when it is out of sight. The application will not work except if you generally permit area access (more on this in the security segment).

Telephone authorization, then again, is utilized for showing battery percent, signal strength, and telephone’s ringer status. Whenever you’ve permitted these authorizations, you’ll be taken to the landing page and are good to go to welcome gatekeepers.

Invite Guardians

Click on the ‘Welcome Guardians’ catch on the landing page to welcome your confided-in contacts. From the contacts list that shows up now, pick the contact and tap on Invite.

The welcomed client will currently get an approaching solicitation in the event that they have effectively downloaded the application. They would then be able to acknowledge or dismiss the welcome solicitation you just sent. You can share your area after they’ve added you as a gatekeeper.

Share Location with Guardian

There are two different ways to impart area to your gatekeeper. You can either utilize the ‘Watch over me’ button or the ‘I need assistance!’ button. You should utilize the last in the event of a crisis. Your gatekeeper will at that point get a warning to check your present area.

At the point when the client shares the area, a watchman can see the area, last seen time, distance, battery status, cell network status, and telephone’s ringer status. There’s a choice to consistently share these subtleties called ‘always sharing’ that dispenses with the need to physically share the area without fail.

Privacy Policy

About the privacy policy, security. Truecaller’s Guardians application didn’t have a positive beginning on the protection front. Only a day after the application went live, security analyst Anand Prakash found a security weakness that made it conceivable to follow anybody’s live area through Guardian. Notwithstanding, Truecaller has since fixed the bug.

Another worry is the way the application handles area information. In articulation to Gadgets 360, Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi was cited as saying that the application doesn’t store area information. “We don’t store it. It’s being streamed live directly to the client, so it will never actually touch our infrastructure,” Mamedi told Gadgets 360.


Along these lines, that is all you need to think about Truecaller’s new Guardians application. The organization has plans to bring local area gatekeepers and backing from law implementation offices later on, and we’ll need to hold on to perceive how that functions out.

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