How to Send an Anonymous Email – Send Anonymous Emails For Free

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You want to send an email where the receiver or anyone won’t be able to trace it to you, then you need to know how to send an anonymous email. There are quite a lot of ways to do this.

An anonymous email hides your identity while sending an email to someone. The receiver won’t have an idea or clue about who sent it. There are a lot of options you could try out to send an anonymous email.

Select any options depending on why you are sending the anonymous email. If it’s for a simple reason, you could try out simple methods.

how to send an anonymous email

There are simple methods that just require you to use email service providers and email clients. There is also the option of using free online anonymous email services and that is where it can get a little bit complicated.

Sending an Anonymous Email Using Email Service Providers

This method is also known as “Burner Email” and you should be quite familiar with it. The idea is to create a new email address that doesn’t have any information correctly about you.

What is a Burner Email Address?

Do not get confused. It’s just an email you own but no one except you knows about it. So you can use such an email address to send all kinds of emails without the receiver(s) knowing it’s you.

Basically, you create an email filling all the registration tabs with False information including the Password tab. Do not use a password that you use for any of your email accounts; use an entirely different and clueless password.

For the email service provider to use, I would recommend Gmail. Also, it’s very important to use a VPN that hides your IP address and location while sending these emails.

Use a paid VPN service, one that is acceptable among VPN users. This way you can be sure that it works and your IP address won’t leak in any way.

Sending an Anonymous Email Using an Email Client

Sign up for a burner email address again like in the guide above then open an Email client on your PC or desktop. Endeavor to connect to a VPN network again and ensure that your system is well connected to it. This will cloak your IP address and also your location so the emails can’t be traced back to you.

Note: it’s not advisable to use mobile devices to send anonymous emails. Also, when sending anonymous messages, to completely ensure the emails can’t be traced back to you in any way, do not send the emails while at home or any place you reside.

Sign in to the email client via the burner email address you created earlier. Now proceed to send the anonymous email(s).

Sending Anonymous Email Via Online Anonymous Email Services

There are a lot of services that specialize in sending anonymous emails, perfectly designed, and developed for the task. Some of them are free.

 But if you are going to make sending anonymous email a habit, I would advise you opt in for paid plans.


This is one of the best services for the job, it owns the phrase above (“perfectly designed and developed for the task.”). Based in Switzerland, this anonymous email service uses end to end encryption and open-source cryptography to ensure anonymous emails are completely anonymous.

Protonmail doesn’t hide your protonmail address means you have to create a burner email address.

How to Use Protonmail

  • Open your web browser and head to
  • Choose a plan. Choose free if it’s just a one-time thing and if not, choose a paid plan depending on what you want.
  • Create your Protonmail account. Remember you have to create a burner email address.
  • Complete the Set-up process of your account and proceed to send an anonymous email.


This is one heck of an anonymous email service; it uses a unique technique in cloaking it users identity. It’s very easy to use.

AnonEmail bounces sent emails around nodes randomly, this way it will be frustrating to trace the IP address of anonymous emails. You could make it more frustrating by connecting your device to a strong VPN service.

It allows you to send emails without using any created email address, this means there is no inbox while using this service. You won’t be able to view any replies to your sent anonymous email here unless you create an email address (burner email address).

How to Use AnonEmail

  • Open your web browser and navigate to
  • Add the receiver’s email address.
  • Type in the contents of your anonymous email, its subject, message, and attachments if there are.
  • Type in a name, make it random and not related to yours in any way.
  • Then enter a random and fake email address, one not traceable to you. If you created a burner email address, this is the part where you enter it.
  • Click on “Send Email”.

It’s important to observe all cautions while sending an anonymous email. Make sure to use a very strong paid VPN service even when using anonymous email services.

You could also decide not to carry out all these processes from your system or device. You could leave home and use a public center with a lot of devices connected to the web.

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