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How to Sell on Facebook Page- Everyday, we buy and sell from the smallest things to large items, things move around the market. The world is fastly changing into a technology era and for this reason, many things are now going on online. Friends can now hang out from long distances on Facebook pages,  lots of new people meet on these pages but not many people know that you can sell on this page.

how to sell on facebook page

You might be wondering how to sell on facebook page, well, that is one of the reasons why I’m here. The facebook page is usually for different purposes like entertainment, educational purposes and much more but not many people know that you can actually get business from the facebook page.

Create a Facebook Page

Most of us know about facebook page but not all of us know how to get one, so before we dive into on how to sell on Facebook page, let me just give you, for those that do not know how to create a Facebook page or can’t necessarily remember,  a quick run-through on how to get a business facebook page and start selling immediately .

How to Create a Facebook Page

  • Open your facebook app and log in if you aren’t logged in already or sign up if are a new user to Facebook.
  • Tap on the menu icon on the right part of the screen to get to the menu part.
  • Scroll down until you get to the pages button, Then click on it.
  • Now you can enter “create page”.
  • You’ll then receive a prompt asking you to start, you can now enter get started.
  • Enter the name of your page on the field provided for you and click next.
  • You would be asked to choose a category for your page because your page is for business you should go ahead and choose local businesses or organizations.
  • Now a subcategory shows up and you have to choose from it,  then , select your business type or genre.
  • Type next, and you are very close to done.
  • You can add your business address for better clarification or you can decide to skip it.
  • If you have a website,  attach the URL of the website in the field provided.
  • Also, add profile pictures and cover photos for your page.
  • Now you can press eave and view your page anytime

Now your business facebook page is ready, all you need is to start posting your products on your page alongside the price and images of the products, and share with others to draw more people to your page. The more the people are on your group the better the tendency of having a flourishing business

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