Facebook Page for Sale | How to Create and Sell a Facebook Page

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Facebook Page for Sale- Do you now that you can sell your old Facebook page which has viewers and available audiences.  Yes! I mean that page on Facebook that you created a long time ago and have a lot of likes but you don’t use it for anything really important? If you didn’t know, you are about to hear a good way to make good cash in your pocket by selling your Facebook page.

Facebook Page for Sale

Also are you a businessman in need of a Facebook page? Do you wish to purchase an already functioning Facebook page with likes and viewers to help fasten your business? Do you want to bypass the stress and time taken to create a Facebook page from scratch and start the real business by spending a little cash? If yes, you are also in the right place.

How to Buy a Facebook Page

There is no marketplace or website to buy a Facebook page but you do this by making research on Facebook,  if you come across a Facebook page with a lot of fans and likes you are good to go. Contact the administrator of the page with your proposal concerning the purchasing of the page and if he agrees, the page ownership becomes yours.

How to Create and Sell a Facebook Page

If you do not have a Facebook page but you are interested in making one and selling to make cool cash. I think you are in for business. A Facebook page isn’t hard to create but the hard work comes when you have to get people to the page. A blank Facebook page does not sell but a Facebook page that has much to offer.

If you’ve created your Facebook page  ( which won’t sell blank ) , the next step is to fill it up and attract fans to your page. There are a couple of ways to do this some will be very effective while some will take some time but in the end, you will have a good looking Facebook  page ready for sale to potential buyers.

  1. Give your fans engaging content : The post you make should be intriguing and should captivate the fans mind. The content could either be educative, entertaining or should solve a problem. But whatever content you decide on, it should be able to keep the fans glued to your page and eager to come back for more.
  2. Don’t stop posting : Your fans would be very disappointed if they find out that you post once in a while or do not post as often as you ought to post, they need it to be as frequent as possible. The more you post, the more people keep coming to see and the more fans you have would want to keep following your page .
  3. Keep promoting on other social media platforms : Your Facebook page can be promoted on other social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram,  LinkedIn,  and many more so can be a means of advert for your Facebook page. These other social media reach people Facebook won’t be able to reach.

Following these above strategies, your Facebook page should be ready for sale. You can contact big business which you think will be able to pay you the desired amount. As soon as the page is ready for sale, either buyers come rushing you or you go out to fish them and convince them to buy the page. If you haven’t created a page, do so now and start making money.

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