How to Remix Reels on Instagram

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Instagram has released Remix, a TikTok Duet-like component that allows users to make another Reels video with an existing one. While Remix will as a rule prove to be useful to orchestrate or spoof existing short videos, you could shoot some lovely inventive and interesting reactions as well. On the off chance that you’re considering how to utilize the Instagram Reels Remix feature, read on till the finish to have a deep understanding of it.

How to Remix Reels on Instagram

Remix Reels on Instagram

As indicated by Instagram, the Remix include is enabled only for new Reels by default. Therefore, you should manually enable remixing for old videos in the event that you need different makers to remix your old content. Here are the different steps for remixing reels on instagram

How to Remix Instagram Reels

  • Open an Instagram Reels video either from the Reels tab or from a user’s profile. Tap on the vertical three spots menu at the upper right corner and pick ‘Remix This Reel’ from the list of alternatives that show up.
  • You would now be able to give reactions to the video or tap on the file picker at the base left corner to utilize a prerecorded video. You have the effects, timer, final detail, and different tools accessible for use while recording the video.
  • You can utilize Instagram’s set tools to edit your Reels however much you might want. For example, you can tap on the mic catch to record a brisk voiceover.
  • Whenever you’re finished with all the edits, tap on the ‘Next’ catch and share the post after adding a caption and picking the cover picture.

How to Enable Remixing for old Reels

As mentioned earlier, you can’t remix old videos by default. You will not see the ‘Remix this Reel’ option as it is missing on these videos. Hence, you’ll have to manually enable it so that you or others can remix it. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open an old Reel and tap on the vertical three dots menu present at the base right corner. From here, tap on Enable Remixing, and that is it. You have now let others remix your old video.

How to Disable Remix for Individuals Reels

  • Open a Reels video, tap on the vertical three dots menu, and tap on the ‘Disable Remixing’ button.
  • Instagram will presently show you a warning prior to disabling the remix feature. Tap on ‘Disable’ to affirm the change.

How to Disable Remix for all Reels

  • You can altogether disable remixing for every one of your videos from Settings. Open Settings in the Instagram application and head to Privacy.
  • Under the Privacy settings, you’ll see a ‘Reels’ choice. Tap on it and disable the ‘Enable Remixing’ switch to turn off the feature. No one can Remix any of your Reels.

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