How to Set Song as iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes or Pc

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For iOS users, setting a ringtone of their apple mobile device has been a huge worry for a long while. Unlike Android users, there are simple steps in setting up a ringtone using any of your favorite song as a ringtone.  This content is basically for iOS device users to show them the new method or how to set a song as their ringtone without making use of iTunes or pc.

There are a couple of necessities for setting any music as a ringtone on iOS. Above all else, ensure that you have effectively downloaded the music and saved it both in your music library or the Files application.

How to Set Song as iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes or Pc

Second, you need the GarageBand application to edit the music and move it as your iPhone ringtone. The application is available for free download and requires iOS 14 or later. So make sure you have downloaded this app before you can carry out this procedure.

How to Create Ringtone on Your iPhone

Let’s kindly read down the set in achieving this.

  • Open the GarageBand app you downloaded on your phone
  • Ensure that the Track Tab is selected, choose the specified instrument from the list above
  • Click on the venture icon at the top left of the screen
  • Tab on the loop icon at the top left of the screen
  • Move to files tab, click on ‘Browse gadgets from the files app’
  • Navigate to the music file and select the music you wish to set as your ringtone and click on it. The music might be transferred to Garageband
  • Move the song after the instrument which is ready as the primary song within the audio enhancing interface
  • At this point, you can edit the music to your c and create a ringtone without using iTunes or pc (choose the place to start the music, split the observe, delete parts that are not needed in the music, Undo modifications, play your edited ringtone)

Set a Custom Ringtone on Your iPhone

After the above procedure has been done effectively then you can proceed with this step below.

  • After the song has been customized, click on the download icon and select ‘My song’
  • Contact and maintain your song and click share
  • Click on ‘ringtone’ to move your song (m4r, or m4a file sort)
  • Click your ringtone a name and hit the export button at the top of the screen
  • After the export of the song, click on ‘Use sound as ringtone’
  • Select standard ringtone within the menu to set the music as your customized iPhone ringtone

These are basically the basic steps to ensure that you set your favorite song as your ringtone on iPhone devices, read and practice these steps to see the effective work immediately.

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