How to Make Avatar on WhatsApp | Avatar Maker for WhatsApp

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If you have been wondering how to make avatar on WhatsApp, this blog post will show you simple it.

We are going to show you how to make avatar on WhatsApp using Bitmoji

How to Make Avatar on WhatsApp using Bitmoji

Meticulously follow the steps below and in no time, you should have Bitmoji up and running on your Android phone.

How to Make Avatar on WhatsApp

Bitmoji Keyboard Installation and Avatar Creating

  • Go to the Play Store and browse for Bitmoji. Click the button for installation.
  • You will have to sign up once the app is installed. For your Snapchat account, you can either do that (if you have one) or you can use your email to sign up.
  • You’ll be asked to take a selfie once you sign up. Enable your phone’s camera to access the Bitmoji app and take a selfie.

Bitmoji Keyboard Setup for Making Avatar on WhatsApp

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Next, go to “Additional or Advanced Settings”
  • Next, “Language & Input”
  • Next, “Keyboard Management”
  • Go to “Bitmoji Flip and Authorize”.
  • Return to “Language & Input”
  • Tap “New Keyboard” and select Bitmoji Keyboard from the list of displayed keyboards.
  • The app will automatically create a caricature of your face and offer you a host of options to customize it after you have clicked on a selfie. To experiment, feel free.

Using Bitmoji on WhatsApp

  • Fire up your WhatsApp and, in the message box, press the keyboard to pop up.
  • Bitmoji is going to turn up. Tap the globe icon or press and hold the space bar if it doesn’t, or just tap the keyboard icon in the bottom right corner (which choice you’ll get depends on your phone) and choose the Bitmoji keyboard.
  • You can see several icons that belong to Bitmoji on the top of the keyboard. To submit, tap on each.
  • Type something if you want to type, and a corresponding Bitmoji will appear on the top. Choose and Submit.

How to Make Avatar on WhatsApp via Bitmoji on iOS and iPadOS

It is a bit different for iPhone users. The measures are here:

Bitmoji Keyboard Installation and Avatar Creating

  • Go to the App Store and get Bitmoji installed.
  • For Android users, sign up and build the avatar as described above.

Bitmoji Keyboard setup

  • Go to Setup > General > Keyboard > Keyboards
  • Find the ‘Third Party Keyboards’ option once you click on Keyboards. Select it and choose Bitmoji. Once again, tap Bitmoji and allow full access.

Using Bitmoji on WhatsApp

  • Fire up WhatsApp and start a chat. To pull up the keyboard, tap on the message area.
  • To pick the Bitmoji keyboard, tap the globe icon and click Bitmoji.
  • By swiping left, pick the Bitmoji you like. By tapping on it, pick the Bitmoji of your choosing. A message will show that it has been copied until you tap on a Bitmoji.
  • Press and hold the black pop-up that says ‘paste’ in the message field to see it. On the pop-up, tap.
  • The Bitmoji editing screen will pop up once you tap on ‘paste’. You may configure it according to your needs. You can add text, draw the filter, or add it.
  • Press the send button and the Bitmoji will be sent to the intended recipient (blue button).

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