How to Make Amazing Video Intros

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Intros are one of the most important parts of any content. From keeping audiences hooked to making sure the content stays organized, Intros do it all. Thus, for any content creator, an intro can be an important segment to consider improving upon.

How to Make Amazing Video Intros

But how does one make a key-catching intro which sticks with audiences?. Though they are no hard and fast rules the following are some tips that will guide you on how to make amazing video Intros: – 

1. Think, Visualize and Write

It all starts with an idea. With an image. What do you want your intro to look like?. What do you want your intro to convey?. What elements do you want it to portray? What style is best suited for your intro?.

There are many questions like these that need to be answered before you can begin making your intro. Firstly, you need to have an idea as to what you want your content to look like. The more detailed the better. 

Secondly, you need to make sure it’s related to your channel and the content it makes. From visual elements to storytelling, everything should coincide with the style of your content. Finally, you need a script which in detail describes every element from visuals to music that you want in your intro. This will help streamline your creative process and make sure you have a framework to always refer back to. 

2. Focus on Style and Brand identity 

An intro is all about setting yourself apart. Being unique. It is similar to a brand’s logo or an application’s icon. It’s all about creating recall in the mind of the audience. The last thing you want is for your intro to be generic or similar to that of a big content creator.

Though following trends is great in content creation, being unique is just as important. Therefore, building a style unique to yourself is important. This style should carry over into your intro. Making an intro is not about adding the most graphics or making it flashy. An intro is a sneak peek into your channel and your brand. Thus, it should ring true with the style and niche of your channel.

3. Keep it short, simple, and classy 

Gone are the days when people waited through long adverts for their favorite shows. With dropping attention spans, time is the name of the game. Keeping Intros short goes a long way in helping audience retention and impact. Intros should preferably last 10-15 seconds at most.

The quality of your content and the public impression of your brand go hand in hand. Making intros short but also tasteful is thus of paramount importance.  It’s always quality over quantity. The aim should always be to keep the intro clean and simple.

The overuse of graphics and effects makes the intro very jarring and untasteful. The intro shouldn’t feel rushed or too empty either. It’s all about balance. Thus, keeping it well-paced and engaging are the two keys to making an intro look clean and classy.

4. Play around with Audio, Graphics, and placement

Making a unique-looking intro is not easy. With millions of creators spread out through multiple platforms, it’s difficult to stand out. With only a handful of software available for free or at reasonable rates, your options may look limited. But fret not cause they are 3 elements that can help your intro stand out. 

i) Audio:  

Most content-sharing platforms are audiovisual. A common mistake that creators make is placing greater importance on the visual aspect of the content at the expense of the audio. The same is true for Intros.

Having an impressive audio effect, voice-overs, or snippets of songs often go a long way in creating a lasting impression. Audio also allows for a better recall in the audience as audio enhances psychological cues. Thus, audio allows for greater impact and helps to customize your intro to stand out. 

ii) Graphics and animation 

When it comes to graphics and animation, less is more. Keeping it clean and simple is the safest bet. It’s important to keep in mind that the intro should match the niche of your content. Flashy graphics and animations fit only a few types of content styles. That being said graphics and animation When done well can be great for impact. 

iii) Placement :

Clever placement can sometimes beat great graphics and audio. Intros don’t always need to be placed first. Intros can also be placed later in the video. It’s always a clever trick to start the video off straight into the main content and after a minute or two roll the intro. This gives you content a fresh feel even when the intro is just the same. 

5. Learn a video editing software

As mentioned in our previous points there is nothing as off-putting as a badly done intro. If you’re a content creator it’s a good idea to always learn at least one video editing software. From financial constraints to logistical issues with freelance editors it’s always handy to know how to edit.

If you are a beginner,  investing big bucks by hiring a professional to do an intro isn’t always feasible. So what does one do?. There are many free-to-use video editors and intro maker software on the market.

If you are not ready to make a big investment in hiring a good video editor you can always make a great-looking intro using this software. Most of this software also comes with tons of free resources and guides to help get you up to speed. Thus, the only investment you need to make is your time and effort.


An intro is seen as a direct reflection of the creator’s commitment to the quality of his content.  Making videos is an art and is highly subjective.  That being said, the above-mentioned points should help focus your creative juices in the right direction to get the most impact. Making amazing video Intros has never been so simple so what are you waiting for?

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