How to Install Ungoogled Chromium on Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Long before now, Chromium has been recommended as an alternative to Google Chrome to lead a Google-free life on the web services, binaries, and dependencies.

A developer named Eloston came up with Ungoogled Chromium to actually bring a true Google-free Chrome, this is an open-source project that rips all the google dependencies from chromium. This innovation has removed all the google made binaries, codes related to Google services, and more.

How to Install Ungoogled Chromium on Windows, macOS and Linux

So should in case you don’t want google to access your data kindly read through this content to learn more about how to install ungoogled chromium on windows 10, macOS, and Linux

How to install Ungoogled chromium on Windows 10

Here are the basic steps for windows 10 user.

  • Click to open the GitHub of ungoogled chromium and download the set up file on your pc architecture
  • Find your pc architecture by right clicking on ‘My PC’ and open ‘Properties’ windows. Search for system type
  • Click on EXE file and download
  • After downloading, double click on the EXE file and install Ungoogled Chromium on your windows PC.

You can now browse freely without Google lurking behind the shadows. And also note, Ungoogled Chromium does not come with a pre-set search engine, so if you wish to set yours quickly hit the menu bar and click on search engine then choose the search engine of your choice from the list below.

How to install Ungoogled Chromium on macOS

Here are the few steps to carry out the procedure.

  • Open the GitHub page and download Ungoogled chromium build for your Mac.
  • Run the DMG file and Ungoogled Chromium will be added to the Application Directory
  • Open the browser and start making use of the effectively.

You can as well follow the step 5 and 6 of windows pc to unlock some features of your choice

How to install Ungoogled Chromium on Linux

Follow these steps below to carry out this operation.

  • Open the GitHub page and download the Ungoogled chromium build for your Linux Distro
  • Open the program and run the program depending on the type of file that you downloaded.


These are the basic steps to take when you want to install Ungoogled chromium for your windows 10, macOS, and Linux on your Pc and thereby protecting your data from spying eyes.

Follow the steps to get a good approach and recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to as well.

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