Fri. Jun 25th, 2021
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Where are my game lovers, we all know that playing games on the ps5 is a lot of fun for relaxation, and the new dualsense controller with its haptics and adaptive triggers is a better part of the relaxation. Moreover, if you are the type that loves playing games on mobile phones there is now a way to connect your ps5 controller to your iPhone and android device to play some amazing games like ‘call of duty and so on.

How to connect PlayStation 5 controller to your iPhone and Android Devices

If you are interested in learning about this, kindly read till the end.

Connect ps5 controller to iOS and Android Device

Kindly follow the steps below to learn how to do this magic right away and start enjoying playing games in a different style.

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For iOS device

If you are an iOS user or iPad device user, here is how to connect your ps5 controller to your mobile device or iPad.

  • First step, press and hold the ps5 button and the create button on the ps5 controller until the light gets to start flashing
  • On your mobile device, go to settings and click on Bluetooth
  • You will see the ‘DualSense wireless controller’ in the list of Bluetooth connections
  • Click on it to connect with the ps5 controller.

Once the Bluetooth is connected to the controller, then you can start playing any game on your iOS or iPad device using the ps5 controller.

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For Android device

For android users, here is how to connect your ps5 controller to your android phone.

  • Pick up your ps5 controller, then press and hold the PS button and the create button on the Dualsense controller
  • Next, open the settings icon on your android device and go to Bluetooth
  • Connect to the DualSense wireless controller from the search list below
  • Click on it to connect with the ps5 controller

Through this means you have successfully connected your ps5 controller with your android device and now you can start playing good and interesting games on your phone using your ps5 controller

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This method of playing games is one good way that people prefer to play their games on their mobile device using the ps5 controller. So why not try this technique out now and see how interesting your game would interest you more than ever before.

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