How to Have a Single Name on Facebook | Hide Your other names on Facebook

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You’ve seen all those Facebook profiles with only one name and you might be wondering how to have it, too. Having a single name on Facebook definitely looks cool and makes your profile stand out from the rest. The problem is, Facebook doesn’t normally allow everyone to have a single name; the last name or surname in your profile is mandatory in most cases.

How to Have a Single Name on Facebook

Fortunately for you, there is a workaround that will allow you to set a single name and hide your surname on Facebook. However, it is not as easy and straightforward as going to your account settings and changing your name. You will have to use a VPN, specifically an Indonesian one.

Why Indonesia? That’s because most Indonesians don’t have family names. In Indonesia, a single name is considered a full name. So it’s only natural that Facebook allows Indonesians to register only a single name for their Facebook profiles. Examples of famous Indonesians with single names are Sukarno and Suharto who are former presidents of Indonesia.

If you want to set a single name on Facebook just like what Indonesians do, you will have to use a VPN to make Facebook believe that you are from Indonesia. A VPN or virtual private network hides your real IP address and replaces it with a different IP from another country. By using a VPN, your location will be hidden from websites that you visit, giving you online anonymity and allowing you to access websites that are normally blocked in your country.

Is It Safe?

Accessing Facebook using a VPN could potentially lead to restrictions on your account. Facebook routinely checks your IP address every time you login to your account, and if they notice that you used an IP address that is not associated with your location, they might place a temporary hold on your account.

If your account is temporarily restricted due to VPN use, Facebook may ask you to identify your friends in order to lift the suspension and regain access to your account. In rare cases, you will be asked to provide documents to prove your identity.

Be aware that by using an Indonesian VPN to set a single name on Facebook, there’s a small risk that your Facebook account will get suspended or banned. We will not be held responsible for anything that could happen to your Facebook account after following our method.

How to Set a Single Name on Facebook

With all those warnings and precautions out of the way, let’s go straight to the juicy details.

The first thing you should do is install a VPN app on your phone. We recommend VPN Indonesia because it gives you a free Indonesian IP address. Other VPN apps don’t provide an Indonesian IP address or will charge you a fee to get one.

Hide Your other names on Facebook

You can use a different VPN but make sure that it gives you an IP address in Indonesia.

  • Connect to a VPN
  • Go to Facebook settings
  • Tap Settings & Privacy and then Settings.
  • Under “Account Settings,” select Personal Information.
  • Select Name to update your name.
  • Remove your last name
  • After changing your name, tap Review Change.
  • Enter your Facebook password and tap Save Changes.


Congratulations! You now have a single name on Facebook. Be sure to disconnect your VPN as soon as possible to avoid possible problems with your account. Your new name will still be there even if you don’t use a VPN.

You don’t need to change your city or hometown, or even change your language to Bahasa Indonesia. You can set a single name on Facebook and hide your surname as long as you use an Indonesian VPN. That’s the only requirement.

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