How to Enable Fall Detection on the Apple Watch

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Fall Detection is an imperative Apple Watch trademark that has effectively saved numerous lives. It identifies while you’ve had an intense fall, and in the event that you are unmoving briefly after the pre-winter, it will regularly contact crisis suppliers. Fall Detection is simply not empowered naturally albeit, so we will introduce you to the best approach to benefit from this.

How to Enable Fall Detection on the Apple Watch

Does my Apple Watch assist Fall Detection?

The fall detection works on Apple Watch Series 4 or newer Apple watch fashions, which consists of watch series 5, Apple watch SE and Apple watch series 6.

How to set up Fall Detection on Apple watch

Kindly follow this steps below.

  • Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • Move to ‘my watch’ tab
  • Click Emergency SOS
  • Enable the Fall Detection

Whiles you have enable the fall detection, it will also require you to set up your medical ID to allow your Apple watch contact emergency providers.

This is where you add people close to you as emergency contacts and these people will receive a message stating that you have added them to your emergency contact and alongside with your location on the time constructing the decision. To do this kindly follow the steps below.

  • On your iOS device head to settings >Health>medical ID
  • Click Medical id
  • Click on Add emergency contact and choose the contacts you wish to add.

Also along this procedure, there is one more step to ensure that this service is completed. Which is:

  • On the apple watch, head to settings> passcode
  • Enable Wrist detection.

With all these done, your fall detection on the Apple watch is now active. Fall detection will be triggered in your apple watch after a tough fall.

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