LinkedIn and Spotify Are Working on Clubhouse-like Features

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After the release of the audio-based social networking application Clubhouse, we have seen numerous tech companies work on a comparable feature for their platform. Along these lines, after Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram, LinkedIn and Spotify have reported their arrangements to get on board with the Clubhouse-clone-bandwagon.

LinkedIn and Spotify Are Working on Clubhouse-like Features

Linkedin’s Clubhouse-Like Feature

According to a new report by TechCrunch, LinkedIn has affirmed that it is working on a Clubhouse-like component for its foundation. The company purportedly said that it thought of an audio-based network feature as its user base has been requesting more approaches to communicate. Therefore, LinkedIn as of late launch another “Creator Mode” that allows user to set their profiles to be followed for social features like Stories and LinkedIn Live recordings.

Presently, according to starting screen captures gained by reverse application engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, the component will work like some other Clubhouse-clone. There will be a room with the speakers showed on top and the audience members directly underneath them. The audience members will actually want to respond to comments, request to talk or leave the sound room together.

The feature is at present in its underlying stages and LinkedIn intends to begin beta testing it soon. In any case, the organization doesn’t have an accurate time period for the public dispatch as of now.

Spotify’s Clubhouse Competitor

Aside from LinkedIn, Spotify is likewise planning to build up a good audio room feature. The company as of late procured Betty Labs, the makers of Locker Room, which is a live audio-based networking app for fans who love sport.

Spotify affirmed the obtaining by means of an official press release and said that “this acquisition builds on our work to create the future formats of audio and will accelerate Spotify’s entry into the live audio space.”

The organization specifies that it will patch up the Locker Room application to transform it into an “upgraded live sound insight for a more extensive scope of makers and fans”. It will likewise offer “a scope of sports, music, and social programming, just as a large group of intelligent features that enables creators to associate with crowds continuously.”

Thus, with such countless companies previously attempting to benefit from the new sound configuration, the first Clubhouse application is clearly in for some extraordinary rivalry in the coming days.

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