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How To Create A Selling Page On Facebook. Facebook offers various methods of selling on a business or personal basis. On a personal basis, selling can go through the local community.

Therefore by putting in your location users around you can see your listing at every turn on the platform. Also, selling through specific private buy and sell groups on Facebook which allow users to share items and listing is also an option.

However, the prominent method of selling through the social media platform is through a selling page on a business page.

How To Create A Selling Page On Facebook - Store

A selling page for on Facebook can be in different forms as there are various methods of selling items on the social network. These forms of creating a selling  page for on Facebook are;

  • Use of Facebook Marketplace
  • Creating a Facebook store

In this article, we will be talking on the above forms of How To create a selling page on Facebook.

Use Of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an online marketing platform which allows Facebook users to  put personal items that they want to part with on display for other users who are interested. Marketplace is mostly for selling items on a personal basis to users in an around your local community.

It allows Facebook users within your location to explore, view and maybe place an order on the items via Facebook Messenger or the comment section under the items up for sale.

In order to sell items on the social network Facebook, you must be a user which means you must have a Facebook account. Once that is available, login to Facebook at, proceed to click “Marketplace” on the left menu bar.

Then select “Sell Something”. Afterward, you fill in the description of the item, location, price and photos of the item following the prompts on your screen and you are all set. Note that, this is meant for personal items you are selling and not for business or commercial use.

Creating A Facebook Store

In order to venture into business through the social media platform, Facebook you will need a business page. To make one, Login to your Facebook account then go to your Facebook timeline and select the drop-down menu arrow located at the top right corner of your screen.

Click “Manage Pages” to view all of your active pages. Then, proceed to click “Create a Page” and set up a new business page for a profile that enables you to sell on Facebook. This is also called the Facebook Store.

An entire business page on Facebook can be created that links to your product website and allow you to promote your products and services and make commercial posts as well on your Facebook timeline.

Advertisements can also be done to promote your page while making sales and leads. One of the upside to this form of creating a selling page is that you have the ability to add products directly to your business page or Facebook store.

You can also make use of private or public buying and selling groups to sell items on Facebook. In a public group, once joined you can easily start posting and letting other users know what items you sell while in private groups, the admin has to approve you before you can do any activity on the group.

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