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HBO MAX Is a subscription-based video on demand service where you get to watch or stream shows, series, and every other kind of movies. This service company is American based, and owned by AT&T WarnerMedia, through the direct subsidiary of WarnerMedia.

HBO Max - HBO Max Movies - HBO Max Series, Shows and Events

The Max comes as a streaming service that bundles all the movies and shows on the regular HBO together in form of PREMIUM service. The launching of HBO Max was announced by WarnerMedia on October 10, 2018, and by late 2019 the streaming service was launched.

How to Sign up and Stream HBO Max Shows, Series, and Movies

Signing up directly on the website is the simplest way to get on the HBO Max.

On Apple devices: There is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad users. The app makes it easier for you to sign up and make payment subscriptions through an in-app purchase. Max is also integrated into the TV app in Apple devices, making it easy to watch certain streaming channels in one place.

On Android devices: There is also the HBO Max app on the Google Playstore for Android phone and tablet users. You can also Sign up and make payment subscriptions on the Android app. If you already signed up on the regular HBO with your Android device, through Google Play, you are automatically able to log in to Max at no extra cost.

You can sign up for the Max on your Roku device, and also make payments using the Roku Pay Payment system. Also, anyone with a Samsung Smart TV that supports the HBO Max can sign up there directly too.

Product Features

HBO Max has Downloads for its mobile apps, which has been a long anticipated feature for anyone who used the HBO Go.

You can connect and stream on up to three devices simultaneously, compared to Disney Plus and Netflix which allows up to four devices, depending on your subscription for each month.

On the HBO Max, you can also create up to five profiles in order to keep separate recommendations for different members of the house. It also has kid account option that can be unlocked by entering a PIN for parental control.

The parental control feature allows parents to set the maturity levels of the programming that each kid profile can access, based on the program ratings.

Only for the theatrical movies that Warner Bros. is releasing on Max the same day as in cinemas; all the movies will also be available in 4K Ultra HD and HDR.

Available Movies and Shows

HBO Max generally includes all the movies and shows on the regular HBO, and a selection of high profile licensed content like Rick & Morty, South Park, and The Big Bang Theory. And on top of these, it also layers on exclusive original programming.

In addition, all of Warner Bros. theatrical movies are being released on the Max platform the same day as they hit the cinemas, and available to stream by users at no extra cost for 31 days.

Another easy way to see all that is available on Max without signing up is through third party catalog search services like Reelgood.

Podcasts are also available on HBO Max, in its library, and linked to its programming. For example, Raised by Wolves, has a podcast now available on Max and other podcasting platforms. The Max has also added original and exclusive podcasts.

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