Google Meet is Rolling out a New Feature to save Power and Data consumption ‘Saver Mode’

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During the pandemic period last year due to coronavirus, everyone was locked up in their different homes making it difficult to meet up an appointment to conclude business. Everyone was short of access and the only way out during that period was the internet. Eventually, everything went online to help people still run their businesses and appointment. Video apps saw a lot of massive increase around the world and as a result of that Google has been working and adding lots of features to Google meet.

Google Meet is Rolling out a New Feature to save Power and Data consumption 'Saver Mode'

Google has added a new feature that will help users to continue with their video calls even with a low battery, this new feature is called ‘Saver Mode’

Description of ‘Saver Mode’

For some of us who do not know about the google Meet video app, this app is used for video calls with friends, families, or business conferences. The app originally consumes a certain amount of data and power to let you connect with other people on the video call. It can sometimes be very discouraging when you are on a very important call with other participant and then suddenly you are out of battery.

This has really given google a great concern, and so they came up with this new invention to help solve that battery problem. The ‘Saver Mode’ still helps you to continue with your video call even whiles you have a low battery on your mobile phone. This new feature is to restrict power and data consumption.

How to Turn on ‘Saver Mode’ on Google Meet

Here is the basic step to enable the new saver mode feature on google meet.

  • Click on Google meet app to open
  • During the video call, click on the three dots at the bottom to open the menu section
  • Move to settings
  • Toggle the ‘limit data usage’ icon

With this done, Google will meet will reduce the rate at which it consumes data and power whiles you are on video call.

Note, this is a rolling out feature and so you might not find it on your app instantly until it is been launcehed.

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