How to use Google Assistant to Perform Actions in Apps

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Google Assistant can help you in achieving a lot of things of which most of them are contained within the Google ecosystem. ‘Shortcut’ is a feature that allows assistant to break free and work with third-party apps as well.

The google shortcut was introduced in October 2020 and it brings support for many popular apps to google assistant. This simply means that you can use the voice to perform different actions in these apps.

How to use Google Assistant to Perform Actions in Apps

There is no actual list of apps that work with this feature, but some apps are included like; Snapchat, venom, postmates, google keep, Amazon prime video, and lots more.

How to use Google Assistant

To make use of google assistant and use the shortcut, download and install the google assistant on your android devices. You can choose to say ‘Ok Google’ or swipe in from the bottom left or right corner.

  • Click on the snapshot icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click on your profile icon to open the Assistant settings menu
  • Scroll the drop-down menu until you find ‘Shortcut’
  • The shortcut menu is divided into two tabs (Explore and your shortcuts). Scroll through the Explore tab to see some example shortcuts to create.
  • To enable the shortcut, click the ‘+’ icon
  • A notification would come up explaining that the shortcut has been created.
  • Below ‘shortcuts you might like there are some apps on your device that have shortcuts. Click on of them to see the available shortcuts and enable them as described above

You can see all the shortcuts you have created in the ‘your shortcut’ and if you wish to change the command that you need to say for the shortcut, click the pencil icon and type in something different then click done.

Basically, you have successfully created your shortcut and all you have to do now is say these commands, and google assist will open the apps for you.

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