Sun. May 16th, 2021
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Getting Facebook messenger is totally free. You can even get the latest version of Facebook messenger for free. This app can officially and legally be accessed on your device play store. Some of those mobile stores include google play store and the iOS store.

Items on this store is free to access while some are bought. Some apps contain paid services while some are totally free. In this article, I would be teaching those who have problems with using the Facebook messenger app on their current device.

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger Account sign up

A Facebook messenger account is literally a Facebook account. In fact, the Facebook messenger does not have an account, it just uses the Facebook account for its business. What the Facebook messenger app does is to help you message friend’s fast and notify by of any new message on your Facebook account.

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Using this app just solved the problem of refreshing your browser over and over again waiting for a message to receive. You could also learn how to use the Facebook messenger app on the web.

Facebook Messenger allows you to send text messages, photos, gifs, and even stickers for free. All you need to start is a Facebook account and a data source. The issue of data can be solved by acquiring a paid plan from any of the internet service providers.

How to open a Facebook account for Facebook messenger

Opening a Facebook account is one of the easiest and reliable steps to take when you want to use Facebook messenger. Follow the guidelines below to successfully open a Facebook account.

  • Proceed to the well-recognized Facebook website at You could also use any of the Facebook mobile apps.
  • If you use any mobile device, you might have to click the sign up link before you would be able to access the sign up page.
  • Fill the form you now see to proceed further.
  • Confirm your identity and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your account set up.
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After signing up for a Facebook account, you can now log in to messenger app.

How to get the Facebook messenger app and Login

To get the app,

  • Open the mobile store on whichever device you are using.
  • Search for Facebook messenger and install it.
  • After installation launch the app.
  • Log in using your Facebook account details when you are prompted to.

After logging in, you can now start using Facebook messenger.

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