How To Play Golden Boot Game | Tricks and Cheats | Golden Boot Game Apk Download

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Have you ever heard of the golden boot game? Well, the golden boot game is out and you can play it on Facebook via the Facebook instant games of Facebook messenger. However, you need a Facebook account to play.

This game is currently played by millions of Facebook users and has made more people more addicted to the Facebook messenger of the Facebook platform. Also, you can ply the boot game with friends and family members you have on your Facebook account.

The game has an invite icon of which you can invite your Facebook friends to come to play with you.

golden boot game

The golden boot game being on Facebook provides a lot of privileges and so, therefore, people are so happy that the game ever existed and is on the Facebook instant game and on the Facebook messenger.

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Now, I know you might be getting a bit confused about the Facebook messenger and the Facebook instant games. Well, the two are saying the same things but the difference is that one is for pc and the other is for your mobile device.

The Facebook messenger is by app accessible by only mobile devices while your pc and desktop, on the other hand, can access and play Facebook games via the Facebook instant games.

How to access and play the Golden Boot Game on Facebook

Above, we have established that you can access the facebook golden boot game in two ways and that is via the facebook messenger and via the facebook instant games for pc. To access and play the golden boot game via the facebook messenger app;

  • Launch the facebook messenger app on your device.
  • Login your facebook account by providing your login detail in the right boxes.
  • Navigate to the games session on the Facebook messenger app and search for the golden boot game.
  • Now click on the game for you to start playing.
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Alternatively, to access and play the Facebook messenger golden boot game via Facebook instant games;

  • Visit the official Facebook website at
  • Enter your login details and successfully login your Facebook account. Now you will be redirected to your Facebook account news feed if you input the right login details.
  • Locate and click on the instant games icon you will find by the left navigation bar. The instant games icon is usually replaced with a gamepad icon.
  • Search for the golden boot game on the facebook instant games platform and click on it to start playing.

That is that for accessing and playing on facebook.

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