Facebook Video Call | Video calling on the Facebook Messenger

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There are so many advantages of using a Facebook account but one of the best is that it has a video call. This video call feature I called the Facebook video call.  However, some people are actually confused if you can really do a video call with a Facebook account.

The more confusing part of these individuals is the part where Facebook says it is free. Yes, it is entirely free, except for the fact where you have to pay for data charges. Again, you need the Facebook messenger app to video call.

facebook video call

Downloading the Facebook messenger app

There are so many known ways of which you can download the Facebook messenger app but the best and easiest way is the one in which you download it from your device app store. To download the Facebook messenger app from your device app store, simply launch the app store on your device. Now use the app store search engine and search for the term Facebook Messenger.

By default as the app is a popular app and there is almost no mobile device without the app, you should find the app within the first four results displayed to you. Simply click on the app from the result and then the download button, then wait for the download to be completed. Once the download is completed, the app will automatically be installed on your device.

Video calling on the Facebook messenger

There are certain requirements clouding video calling on Facebook. These requirements are such that the person that you want to video call must be active and both of you must have a connection to the internet. Also, both of you must have a Facebook account and must be friends. Once the criteria above are met;

  • Launch the Facebook messenger app and locate the person you wish to video call.
  • Click the person’s name and your chat with the person should display.
  • Now from the chat, locate and click on the video icon at the top right side of the screen.

That is it, you video call will start connecting immediately and the call will start once the person you are calling picks.

Facebook help center

The Facebook help center can help you learn more about video calling. You can also learn some tips on other things including the Facebook messenger app. To access the Facebook help center for help, all you need is this URL https://www.facebook.com/help/. With this URL you can now start searching answers t personalized questions.

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