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There are so much to Facebook that the features are just so intriguing. The Facebook notification settings, being one of such man platforms allows you to quickly setup the way you receive notifications on Facebook. At least before now, you must have been having problems with receiving notifications on Facebook. Maybe because you do not want to receive some notification or the form of which you receive notification is not the one you need and I can presume that that is the reason you are reading this article. However, not to bore you, I can tell you that there is no need to worry further as you are going to solve all your Facebook notification problem with this article. But before that, I think it is best we start with login in your Facebook account.

Facebook Notification Settings

Login your Facebook account

I know you normally log out of your Facebook account for security coz you do not want someone prying into your privacy as a Facebook account is very delicate and considered to be personal. This is often done by people who are not using their own devices (that is to say using public devices). When you logout, you might find it difficult to log back in to continue from where you stop, however, you can log right back in using the steps outlined below.

  • Go to the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com or launch the Facebook app if you have any.
  •  Enter your login credentials which are normally your Facebook your name and password into the required boxes and click on the login button.

Once that is done you will be successfully logged back in your Facebook account. If you are having some issues with your password, you can click on the “forgot password” icon on the login page of after a failed attempt to login your account.

Using Facebook notification settings

You can easily use Facebook notification setting the moment you are on your Facebook account. Once you are on your Facebook account, click on the menu icon or drop down arrow and click on settings. From the settings page, click on notifications and start setting your navigations. Once you are done with editing, you can simply leave the page and watch your changes take place immediately as the notification settings is on auto save. You should note that the settings will take place on any device your Facebook account is logged in and won’t change until you change it back.

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