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Facebook Messenger Rooms – Here is a quick question, think of one social media network and relate its core functionalities to one of Facebook features? For Instance, Snapchat core features are its bitmoji and Statuses, Facebook just started the Facebook avatar launch and there is also the Facebook status.

Facebook has been launching different interesting features recently to keep itself at the top of the social media platforms list. These releases are always well welcomed by users because they are always top-notch and remind users why Facebook is the best.

,facebook messenger rooms

The Facebook messenger rooms feature is Facebook’s big step to compete with the social networks already in the video conferencing system. The likes of Zoom, Skype and Google Meet now have something new to worry about as Facebook’s messenger room allows up to 50 people in a video call simultaneously for free.

This is an alternative for users looking to change their video conferencing apps especially with the likes of Zoom who have been experiencing security issues as of late. Facebook before releasing the Messengers room took some time to learn and improve on what other video conferencing services offer.

Facebook Messengers Rooms Review

Like any video conferencing service, this is the latest way to call and hang out with people. You know how you need a Facebook account to use any Facebook services. Well, it doesn’t apply to this Facebook messenger rooms, you can join an open Facebook messenger room(s) with just its link.

Create and Manage a conference call of up to 50 people, no time limit, no subscriptions or plans involved. Trust Facebook to make the video quality unique and exciting with filters, colorful backgrounds, and themes.

With Facebook messenger rooms, you gain total control of your video conference or call. Invite, call and remove anyone you want. The most interesting review about this room is the fact that it connects Messenger and Facebook to Instagram and also to WhatsApp.

Hence you would be able to create and join Facebook messengers room from any of those platforms. You could also lock and unlock the group given that you are the creator. The group can’t work unless the creator is in it.

Almost all Video calling services especially Facebook and WhatsApp have announced a rocketing increase in the number of calls made on their platform since the COVID19 lockdown. This new Facebook feature will surely help a lot of people to connect and talk more.

Very Interesting WhatsApp Alternative

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Rooms

While joining a Facebook messenger rooms doesn’t necessarily need a Facebook account, creating one does. Therefore before you proceed to create one of this, make sure you have a Facebook account. Also, update your Facebook app and Facebook’s messenger app.

  • Open the Messenger app.
  • Look to the bottom right corner of your screen and tap on the “People” icon.
  • Select “Create a Room”.
  • Now choose the people you want in the room thereby inviting them to join the room.
  • Share the room in your Facebook News Feed, Groups or Events if you want to. This I won’t do if the room is a seclusive or private one.
  • Once people start joining, the room will become active. Look to the bottom to edit the room settings.
  • Tap on the “Two People” icon to try out additional privacy settings.

You could also share the Facebook messenger rooms link on any other platform. Try this if you want to invite someone to the room who doesn’t have a Facebook account.


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