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Facebook Hashtag Generators – Sade and Chioma are very active social media users, who regularly post attention-demanding, informative content, but Chioma always get a huge engagement, likes, and comments from her followers and fan, but Sade’s posts, bearly get likes.

Want to know how POWERFUL HASHTAGS CAN BE? Hashtag is the foundational reason, to generate quick viewership in social media.  Sade is just doing the same, by using Facebook hashtag generators, to find the top trending hashtag for her post. Because the hashtags are defining the topic, posts with hashtags reach far more people, than the user personally knows.

Hundred Million users engage in using Hashtags, Some only like or share it, while others join the conversation using the Hashtags. A Hashtag can spark global discussion, which can expand a user’s circle of influence. Hashtag is a very important tool in digital marketing and campaigning. Hence the need for the Facebook Hashtag Generators.

Facebook Hashtag Generators

Although Twitter was the first social media network to use hashtags to group posts on related topics together, it is on Instagram that hashtags have really flourished. Twitter has a finite limit on the characters you can use – 280, currently, but 140 for most of its life. Any hashtags used are included in your character quota.  Instagram, on the other hand, encourages you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. Many social media experts believe you should use at least 20 per post. 

Facebook Hashtag Generators

Hashtagify aims to search, analyze, and amplify your hashtag plan. You can use it to search real-time data and insights about any hashtag. Popularity ranking, related hashtags, trends, and more. You can track any hashtag or hashtag user to get in-depth analysis.

It helps you discover trending hashtags, monitor all posts, and engage with the influencers who are relevant to you. You can enhance your social media strategy through hashtag marketing. Use top trending hashtags to reach a broader audience and amplify your message with arranged suggestions based on your profile. You can download dashboards and charts of your tracked hashtags and users, and show how well your campaign is performing.


  • Intuitive and graphic interface track and identifies the most relevant and popular hashtags over time, by geography and language.
  •  The search feature is free to use while the hashtag tracker that comes with two months of data storage and access to top-performing.


  • The tool costs 29$ per month for personal purpose, 86$ per month for business purpose & 311$ per month for enterprise.

Display Purposes Hashtag Generator

Features Of Display Purposes

  • It also allows you to target hashtags, by throwing up the most popular hashtag by country or region.
  • Auto-filters out all banned hashtags.
  •  Enables you to search for the most relevant hashtags for your post

Ritetag Hashtag Facebook Generator

Ritetag is one of RiteKit’s social media toolkits, for people who make a living from social. Ritetag can be used single-handedly from the rest of Ritekit.  However, Ritetag gives instant Hashtag suggestions for images and texts on desktop and mobile devices, based on real-time hashtag engagement. You can use it to search for hashtag suggestions for either text or images.

You can even install a Chrome extension that allows you to right-click or any picture or make a text selection and then choose Get Hashtag Suggestions. Ritetag is a $49 per month paid tool, but you can undertake a free trial to test how suitable it is for your needs. Once you have signed up for Ritetag, you have access to:

Features Of Ritetag

  • Help find optimized hashtags for text and image.
  •  Ritetag comes with a handy Chromeextension, which suggests the best hashtag options for any image, on a one right-clicks on the image.
  • Hashtag tracking tool reveals the best and worst-performing.
  • Instant hashtag suggestions for text and images on any site via browser extension as well as via mobile apps for Android and iOS


  • This hashtag generator has a free to use tool.
  • Ritetag hashtag has a $49 per monthly paid tool too.

Ingramer Hashtag Generator

Ingramer, is an AI-powered tool with smart features, tools that allow you to search for tags using a keyword, photo, or link. When you submit a query for a list of hashtags, Ingramer provides a list with as many entries that are available. Results are terms that are similar to your keyword, entries are grouped into three categories which include, the number of shares that each has received. Categories include

  • Frequent
  •  average and
  •  Rare hashtags.

Frequent hashtags are what Ingramer calls the popular hashtags, while the average are less than rare are “niche”. 

Features Of Ingramer

  • Ingramer hashtag generator uses a powerful, AI algorithm to analyze your photo, keyword or link to generate hashtags best for them.


  • Offers a base level free service and
  •  Ingramer also has several paid packages that includes promo, starting at $57  monthly

Daily Purpose – Facebook Hashtag Generators

Daily Purpose offers one of the most fun, yet practical tools we have seen in a while. Your hashtag experience starts with a keyword in the top search bar, once entered, a list of Hashtags will automatically sure up below. What makes this tool the best is its basic design, while the color scheme is quirky, the results are invaluable.  

You have the option of choosing Auto or Manual tag selection, Auto tag selection automatically populates your screen with hashtags selected by the tool, while the Manual selection allows you to pick checkboxes alongside each tag you will like to use.

Daily Purpose also offers Pro Statistics for free, these include the number of posts using the Hashtag, top countries, and cities where the hashtag is used most. You also receive a recommendation of the top 10 tags to use that are related to your keyword.

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