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Facebook Classified Ads | Facebook Free Classified Ads – It is good news for Facebook users as Facebook has launched it’s own classified section. This implies that members who want to find an apartment or score concert tickets, can now do at the confines of the Facebook social networking site. Facebook, has added a new Marketplace area, where members can post free classified ads.

How Facebook Classified Ads Work

How Facebook Classified Ads Work

When a classified ad is posted by a member, a note will be added to that member’s profile and to the “news feed” of all their friends. Users can also decide to create a larger note on their profile, and member networks will profile a sampling of advertisements on their portal pages as they are added.

Users ads, can instantly be read by the user’s friends but they can decide whether or not to put that ad to their networks or the Facebook population at large. Users who are not friends with a classified ads poster, will only have access to view the ad and not the poster’s profile.

What’s Unique About Facebook Classified Ads?

According to Oodle chief executive Criag Donato, social networks classifieds can act like a conversation. He further stated that “Lots of us are Facebook users and were sending messages back and forth” thus the Oodle Classifieds network was “a more structured way” to handle those messages, he stated.

Oodle has worked with Facebook to leverage the site’s API and enable members to share their posts with friends.

On Facebook, buyers will have access to see how they are connected to the seller, the series of links between the friends they share.

Users, can post their classifieds and share them with the world.

Facebook has a huge advantage over its competitors because of the large number of audience on it’s portal.

More On Facebook Classified Ads

According to Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, “Classified ads aren’t” necessarily what people think Facebook is for. He further stated that “This is making Facebook about dealing with strangers, which is an awkward shift mentally”. Additionally, he said that unlike some of it’s competitors, Facebook is not yet offering any infrastructure around payments or delivery in order to hold on to custom.

He also stated that it’s not an end-to-end solution… it’s not going to be remarkably better than any other Classifieds service today. Building scale will also be critical to their success. “Unless they are going to hit that scale fast enough” people will explore but they are going to default back to what they were using before now”.

Facebook Classified Ads can be posted and shared to the world for better marketing engagement.

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