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Facebook Advertising, puts you where the right people are. To catch their attention, and record great results. Facebook Advertising, comes with micro-targeting features. This enables you to reach your exact target audience based on demographics, location, interests, and even behaviors. It also enables you to get your message in front of the people who are most likely to patronize your products or services.

With more than two billion users, who use Facebook every month. Facebook is bound to be the best advertising platform.

1 out of every 5 minutes that people spend on mobile, is on Facebook. This makes it the king of all social media platforms.

With this, it goes to say that advertising on Facebook, help you target ads to people depending on how well and when they engaged. It also creates an experience that is necessary to where they are, in the process of investigating your products.

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Types of Facebook Ads

Carousel Ads

Carousel ad uses up to 10 photos or videos, to display your product or services, It’s a format. It can be used to highlight different products or use all the photos together to create one large panorama image.

Video Ads

Video ads, can display your team in action, and evoke motivation to learn more.

Photo Ads

Photo ads, are simple ads which you can use to get started with advertising on Facebook.

Slideshow Ads

With Slideshow ads, you have an easy way of creating short video ads from a collection of still photos or existing video clips. Slideshow ads, have eye-catchy motion and uses less bandwidth, which makes it load well, even for people on slow internet connections.

Collection Ads

Collection ads are designed only for mobile devices. It enables you to showcase one or more products, which customers can click to buy. With collection ads, you can pair with Instant Experiences, to enable people to purchase your products without leaving Facebook.

Instant Experience Ads

Formerly called canvas. Instant Experience ads are a full-screen ad format that loads 15 times faster than a mobile website outside of Facebook.

Lead Ads

Leads ads are designed only for mobile devices. To make it easy for people to give you the contact information without a lot of typing. Lead ads, are great for collecting newsletter subscriptions, signing someone up for a trial of your product, or otherwise enable people to ask for more information from you.

Dynamic Ads

This ads, enables you promote targeted products to the customers who are most likely to be interested in them. It is an ad, that reminds a potential customer, to complete a purchase

Facebook Advertising, offers you the platform, to get your products and services out online to those who may need them.

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