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Contact Facebook – Facebook is one of the giant popular and frequently used social media networks. Facebook has over a billion users and it isn’t surprising that they get a lot of requests for customer support.

You might want to contact Facebook because of some minor or major issues you’re currently facing in the social platform.

contact facebook

How to Contact Facebook

If you want to contact Facebook, you will first need to log into your Facebook account. Look up at the right corner of the screen, you’ll see a question mark inside a dark icon.

Click on the dark icon, then from the drop-down menu select Report a Problem.

Another menu will pop up that features four clickable options;

  • General feedback.
  • Payment issue.
  • Something isn’t working.
  • Abusive content.

Problems Facebook Users are Faced With

Many Facebook users contact Facebook for a variety of problems they encounter on the Facebook platform. This problems may include;

  • Technical support.
  • Reporting identity theft and scams
  • Help with business and advertising accounts
  • Reporting intellectual property violations
  • Help with password problems
  • Help with login problems
  • Reporting threats of suicide and so on.

Contact Facebook via Facebook phone number

Unluckily for Facebook users, Facebook does not provide any form of phone-based customer service for users to contact them with. Facebook users are instructed to contact Facebook via the Facebook help page.

Facebook does not provide any form of live customer service, either via chat or over the phone. It is important that you use the Facebook help center page to easily contact Facebook.

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Contact Facebook via Facebook Help Center Web Page

Facebook is the world’s number one most frequently used platform.

Using Facebook’s own help center page to send messages to Facebook can be the most reliable way to connect with the platform to report an issue. Follow the steps below to contact Facebook via the help center page;

  • Log in to your Facebook profile.
  • Open the Facebook help center page.
  • Preview the options toolbar.
  • Select a relevant section.
  • Review additional options.
  • Use the search bar to expedite your process.
  • Open the Ads help center page.
  • Visit the Facebook community page.

If you can’t find your problem listed anywhere in the Facebook help center page, then you have to search for the problem in Facebook community forums.

Facebook is an online service. So it’s help center OR customer service are able to resolve most of its users issues. This means that Facebook users cannot contact Facebook via phone-based services. This is because Facebook does not accept phone calls for customer support.

Facebook is a place to share and Conner with friends and family.

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