Chamet APK 1.4.0 | Download Chamet latest 1.4.0 Android APK

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Chamet  Team came up with a pretty cool new social media app called “Chamet”. It was made with the intention of upgrading social media.

If your tired of having the same old usual routines in your life ( which sound really tiring) replaying itself. There’s good news,  Chamet is here to sweep you off your feet ( without you hitting your butt on the flour of course).

Chamet APK 1.4.0

Description Chamet

Chamet is the best app for fun moments and it’s an app for both a multiplayer and a 1-on-1 online app for video chat. You get to make new friends from all around the world and learn good stuff too. It gives the best translation and video calling making communicating with different people from different places easy and nice.

Chamet Features

Below are some pretty amazing features Chamet has to offer all its users. They are:

  • Smooth Video Calls: with Chamet, you’ll have a Smooth Video all thanks to the network optimization of the app.
  • Guaranteed authenticity: fake pics aren’t allowed, you get to know if a person is online through their status which is in real-time and you can actually have confidence in the streamers.
  • There are Stickers, Filters, and Beauty Effects available for users of the Chamet app. You get to look prettier and use stickers and filters which spice up your video call making it fun and unique.
  • You can actually be on a video call with 5 different people simultaneously.
  • In Chamet, you select streamers from places of your choice making communication easy.
  • Log in easily and quickly, through Google, phone, or even Facebook.

The aforementioned and more are all Chamet’s amazingly awesome features mad more. Don’t miss out on them at all.

Chamet APK Free Download for Android

Download the latest version of Chamet, chat with strangers that become friends in the nearest future ( or not), and explore all through your Android device.

Download Chamet through the link below:

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