Fri. Jun 25th, 2021
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Deezer, an app with more than 100 million downloads has redefined Music Streaming. Boasting over 56 million songs, podcasts, and playlists, it’s no surprise that the app is quite popular among music lovers. Music transcends generations, it has become a powerful tool to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. Regardless of status, ethnic diversities, and ideologies, it communicates to us in ways that mere words can’t.

Deezer Music Player

Due to the increasing advances in the world of technology, there has been a desire to enjoy music digitally, without the inconvenience of the CDs, phonographs, and others. It is therefore logical to understand the popularity of Music Streaming amongst the current generation. While the old means of enjoying music are still quite active, it is obvious that there is a massive shift to digitization. Nowadays, people rarely see the need for physical storage of music, when steaming is much easier. This is quite expected as a result of the availability of smartphones amongst the general populace.

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Deezer is actually an app for all listening needs. One could create his own playlist, share it with family and friends or even listen to any playlist of their choice. Tracks are also recommended based on one’s music preference. In addition to this, you could also decide to listen to different podcasts, radio, or other audio channels.

Features Of Deezer App

There are several features of the Deezer app that provide the user with the best streaming experience available on the internet. Some of these features include:

  • Quality of Sound – The app offers music streaming in the highest music quality possible. There is no possibility of bad sound quality with Deezer. One can enjoy music at 320 kBps without stuttering.
  • Shuffle Mode – One can easily enjoy a wide range of tracks through the automatic shuffle mode. It helps to save time having to browse through YouTube, searching for new songs to add to the playlist.
Features Of Deezer App
  • Playlists – We all have favorite songs we want to hear multiple times. That of course, is the advantage of the playlist. Deezer allows you to build your own playlist with your favorite songs for an amazing listening experience. Feel free to create multiple playlists to fit your listening needs and mood. On Deezer, you have the chance to also listen to the playlists of other users and share your playlist with friends and family.
  • Millions of tracks –Deezer has over 56 million tracks on several genres. Though the majority of the songs are modern and recent, One can also search for old or local songs and the app would surely bring them up.
  • Software compatibility – The Deezer app is compatible with several software including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Sonos sound system.
  • Radio and podcasts – On Deezer, one can listen to the radio and podcasts as well, apart from the good music available. There are several great radio stations, audio channels, and podcasts to enjoy. Deezer is so much more than just a streaming app obviously.
  • Offline download – Found a song you love and there is no internet connection, no worries. You can download any song on the Deezer app and then play it offline. All your favorite songs, podcasts can be downloaded and saved on a playlist to listen to offline anytime. Awesome, right? Yea, that’s what makes the Deezer app a very unique streaming tool.

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