Can You Sell Things on Facebook? | How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook has evolved from what it used to be simply known as which is a social platform where you meet with people, connect with friends and family. It is now also been recognized as one of the biggest platforms for online businesses which is now done by millions of users looking to buy and sell things online. Items such as clothes, shoes, jewelry and absolutely anything can be sold on the social media platform.

Can You Sell Things on Facebook?

When asked can you sell things on Facebook? I say Yes! Yes, because Facebook has all the necessary features that make selling items as easy as possible. Features such as Facebook Marketplace, selling on Facebook page as well, these features are vital because they can help advertise the things you want to sell as an individual or a group of working personnel.

How to Sell on Facebook

Selling things on the online marketing platform through Facebook Market place, Facebook buy and sell groups or Facebook page. Items sold on Facebook are categorized into several sections making sure that prospective buyers who come to look for a particular item on a person’s displayed listing is able to navigate to whichever category they prefer.

One of the amazing things about Facebook as an online marketing be platform is that it is free to join and also free to sell on it and with the aid of any of the methods that would be utilized by the seller (i.e. Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups, Facebook page) to promote or publicize the item they want to sell so as to have greater reach and attract attention from both local prospective buyers near them and those far away.

How To Sell Things On Facebook

As mentioned earlier, using Facebook to sell items have three methods which are viable to all users at no additional cost except when the seller applies for Facebook ad, which will cost a certain percentage (%) of the proceedings from the sale but we will be highlighting the commonly used method which is selling items using Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is a feature developed by a popular social networking media, Facebook. It is a destination or better put, an online marketing platform where sellers put up several items for sale and potential buyers come to view, place an order or explore their items that have been placed on display by the sellers. Below are easy steps to sell things on Facebook Marketplace;

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. On the left side of your news feed, click “ Marketplace”
  3. Click “what are you selling”
  4. After placing your listing, input a title of the item, a description, location, price and category of the item listed.
  5. Click “+photo” to upload a photo of the item for sale
  6. Then click “post”

In clicking post, you are sharing the listing to every prospective buyer on Marketplace from those that are near you and those buyers from all over the world. Selling on Facebook has been made efficient and convenient for both buyers and sellers who engage in one on one conversation on Messenger in order to bargain the price of the items that have been listed.

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