Fri. Jun 25th, 2021
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Buy Swap Sell Facebook- Facebook now extends its hand into online business and marketing as it officially announced Facebook Marketplace where we buy, sell, and explore items. However, payments are handle only by the buyers and sellers as Facebook would have no part in facilitating that process. This means that the buyer and seller use the on-site messaging app, Facebook Messenger to communicate and bargain terms of the business.

Buy Swap Sell Facebook

Before the Facebook Market came into play, users already had groups created in several pages mostly known as buy and sell groups. In these groups are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of users who look to engage one another in business. But with the Marketplace, your business post does not have to be restricted to just a group or couple of groups as the Facebook Marketplace ensures that your post is shared with most users on the platform and you get more attention from Target audience.

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Having spoken about buying and selling groups, we need to address swap. Swap in business is an agreement by two parties to exchange cash flow or liabilities of identical value from two different financial instruments. Hence, Buy sell swap on Facebook is simply the exchange of product for money or switch of items that both parties want to let go of.

Tips To Sell On Facebook

Selling an item online requires you to convince people or your target audience that what you have to sell is actually what they are looking for. We will be discussing some steps that can help sway your costumers to slide into your Messenger to place their orders. Here are some of the steps you can use to convince your target audience;

  • Post High-Quality Photos: This is the first thing that catches your buyers’ eyes and makes them stop to explore your listings so it has to be very attractive. You could take the photo outside in order to get better lighting and post as many as possible from different angles so that your buyers can see the full details.
  • Write a good description: In describing the item for sale, it is very important to state the needful about the items so as to get your customers comfortable with doing business with you. Make it well detailed, but go straight to the point. You could describe the items using these as a guide (condition of item, location, price, age of item).
  • Be honest: it is a plane as it comes, never exaggerate or minimize the condition of an item you want to sell. It is best to keep it real with your customers.
  • Keep prices reasonable and open to negotiation.
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Most of the buy swap sell facebook groups on Facebook have rules, it is best to follow the stipulated rules so as not to get banned from the group by the Admin. If you are already in a group, engage in lots of businesses in order to boost your trustworthiness among the ranks of buyers on the group. It is better to buy an item or more from a trustworthy seller.

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