Billing Format For Dating | Method Scammers Use to Trick Client

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Note: This article on “Billing Format For Dating is for eye-opener, to educate you about the effect of fraud by scammers in the society.

Billing Format for Dating: The dating billing format for scammers is the latest form of collecting money from clients in the yahoo business. This is because they have become attached to the person and can no longer say no to certain requests.

Billing Format For Dating

Meaning of Billing Format for Dating

Billing Format is a format scammers make use of to bill client, this format enables scammer to be trick clients into believing that they are who they are not.

With the help of billing, format scammer learn to trick foreign people for money. The format is a way they use to collect money from clients in the name of dating or non-genuine business deals.

How Scammers Use Billing Format for Dating

The following are ways in which scammers use billing format to trick a client into getting something from them:

Creating a Profile Account:

These can be any social media account that they use to disguise themselves like; Facebook, Telegram, Twitter etc..

Download A VPN to hide their Identity:

Scammers use a Virtual Private Network VPN for Short which enables them to hide their identity by changing their IP addresses so that they would be almost untraceable and they can also access a website that is not accessible to their location.

Get A Foreign Number

Scammer go online today to buy some foreign numbers, these numbers are basically numbers from UK, USA etc.

Method Scammers Use to Trick Client

Scammers can use any of the above platforms to open an anonymous account, for example, a male could show his identity as a female, get a picture of a lady and update it to his profile. They look for a group where they can start a conversation with the foreign clients and start talking to them into gaining their trust. After a few conversation, they can then ask the client for a favor example; Money to pay their bills.

Another method they use is by proposing a business, asking for investment from clients or showing them pictures of some places where they might own far from their town which is not genuine, this trick can come in a different format from the scammer.

They can also talk client into investing in a platform such as cryptocurrency just like the previous “squid game” crypto that was shut down a few days after it launched.

They can also talk clients into getting double of their money from sports betting if they give them a certain amount of money to predict their sport bets.

Client can easily give in to this scam after a series of conversations between him and the scammer as this has made client to gain the scammer’s trust.

For scammers that disguise themselves as ladies, there is a chance that the client will soon start asking for physical interaction or a date, Then, the scammer might ask for money to visit up until the scammer becomes inactive conversation because he/she has gained from their mission.

Conclusion – Billing Format For Dating

Scammers try to contact clients online in which they hide their identity and get them into believing they are for a real business, this interaction may include promising to date the client, Telling the client he would gain from a business deal, or even investing in a business transaction from a very far distance. As this is an easier method to get what they want by deceiving other people.

As this might be successful through the journey of extorting money from foreigners, There are agencies set up in every countries that are set to curb such act as such can be seen as fraud.

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