Best Free Email Client | 8 Best Free Email Clients | What is an Email Client?

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Best Free Email Client – Mails are a very essential part of our lives. Guess that’s why we had mailboxes prior to the invention of electronic mails. Before we get into the topic, the best free email client, how about you find out what an email client is.

Most people tend to confuse email service providers with email clients and email accounts. The concepts of these three terms are intertwined. This makes it possible for an email service provider to be an email client concurrently.

8 best free email client

What is an Email Client?

Email clients are the programs or services you use to access your email accounts thereby being able to carry-out your mailing activities. Your email service providers are the Email company you opened an email account with.

Your email service providers are the brains behind the sending and receiving of emails in your accounts. For instance, if you have a Gmail account, means your email service providers are Google.

You could still access your Gmail account via other email companies. For instance, logging in to your Gmail account via Outlook. This makes Outlook your email client.

Hence your email client can be different from your email service provider when you use a specific email company to access a different email domain or account.

Why Email Client?

It’s an alternative to using web apps, having to access your email account with a different email provider. Most web apps email service providers scan mails for advertising and marketing products.

That’s why it’s possible to receive a mail about clothes prices from a friend and get an ad displaying Amazon fashion wears prices while using your web app email.

 Generally, web apps emails are great but for businesses or highly prioritized emails, you might want to consider Email clients. Not only do you get privacy and protection on your mails but also complete control.

8 Best Free Email Clients

Presenting to you some of the best free email clients, easy to use and navigate around.

1. Mail App

This is the best free email client for Windows because of just how it fits into the operating system. Why this email client is at the top of this list is because it’s actually free and has a simple interface that can be easily navigated by users.

Also known as Mail for Windows 10, it allows you input your signature on composed emails and also gives you access to different fonts to compose your mails. This is the best option for people looking for email clients for their businesses that can’t pay for plans.

It also allows users to manage multiple email accounts and automatically prioritizes emails in groups. it has every basic feature that would qualify any email client as simple and effective.

2. Yandex Mail

Yandex is not just the web browser we are used to, but also an email client. It’s also compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. It’s just as simple as the Mail app and it also allows you to change the design of your account lay-out.

Its features are just perfect to fit mobile devices hence this might be your best option for a free email client for your mobile device. It provides 10GB of cloud storage via its servers.

It’s also entirely free and that’s surprising because it offers so many features that some email service providers can boast of. Features like In-built Antivirus, Easy Password Recovery, Unique Theme Customization, and so on.

3. Gmail

There is no need for an introduction when it comes to this email client. Although it’s not entirely free, its features are unique. The plans it offers are also perfect for businesses whether small or large, so you might want to reconsider your decision of looking for a free email client.

Its interface is well organized with your mails taking most of the space just in the middle. Your mails are categorized and arranged neatly and not prioritized, hence you just need to know the content you need.

Then there is G-Suite which offers Gmail for businesses with plans as low as $6 per month for each user. This Gmail drops all the ads pop-up on the regular Gmail, increases your cloud storage space to at least 30GB, and also allows users to create customized domains i.e

Also, you can access your Gmail client while you are offline. if you know how to go about that trick, you’d also know that it requires Google Chrome.

4. Thunderbird

When you ask me for a free email client, the first thing that comes to my head is Gmail, then on realizing it’s not entirely free, Thunderbird pops into my head. Although it’s not really compatible with mobile devices, PC/Desktop users have a go at this wonderful product.

It can basically manage itself by learning about your actions. For Instance, Thunderbird could study the kind of emails you mark as spam, and next time those emails comes in again, it diverts it to your Junk folder.

It’s very simple and easy to use, neat interface and the best for managing multiple emails simultaneously.

5. MailSpring

From this part of my list, you might begin to come across some free email clients that you don’t really know about. That’s because they are either new or are not really used.

Mailspring is just as good as Thunderbird. it is compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux devices, not so much for mobile devices also.

It’s free also but has some interesting features closed behind paid plans that are as low as $8 per month. For an email client as new as Mailspring, it surprisingly syncs with almost all kinds of email service providers.

Also, if you like designing your email interface to be unique, you might just like this one.

6. eM Client

Basically, this email client is free at least for sending or receiving emails and the basic email activities we carry out. But it also has paid plans that make it easy for businesses to manage their mails.

Available only for Windows devices, it’s the best alternative to Outlook as it easily syncs with Outlook 365, Exchange and

Its plans are expensive, that’s why I would advise not to go for it unless for business purposes. While using the regular eM email client, you can only manage 2 email account at once, but once in a paid plan, the number “2” turns to unlimited.

7. Spike

This email client has an instant messaging system that makes user feel more like they are chatting while using it. Spike like Yandex is compatible with almost all devices, Android, IOS, Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

If you are looking for an email client that is not too formal, just something for personal use, try this fine out. Although it also has paid plans for businesses that offer features like video conferencing.

8. Superhuman

The last best free email client on my list is presumably one of the fastest email clients on my list. Available mainly for apple devices (IOS and Mac), it functions better on a Mac device.

With features such as email filters, reminders on prioritized mails, ability to snooze conversations easily, notify you on mails that have been read this email client is one of the best. It also gives you access to insights about people’s social media activities like on Facebook or Twitter.

Its mark read messages feature allows you to tell when your mails have been sent, received, and read by its receiver.

This list contains the 8 best free email clients to my knowledge and are not enlisted in any particular order.


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