Is Safe and Legit | Why Is Safe & Real and Why It’s Not

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Is Safe and Legit – is an American online shopping platform that connects sellers to buyers. It was created in 2010 as an app where you can create a wish shopping list and with time it progressed into the e-commerce zone we know it as today.

In 2018, Wish was the most downloaded application worldwide as its shopping style was unique. You create a wish list of products you’d like to purchase and find a seller’s list that matches yours.

is wish safe and legit

It allows sellers to make a list of products that they wish to sell on the platform directly to potential buyers. This makes the prices of products rather cheap. Most of the products sold here are small and midget as a result; the shipping fee is always very cheap.

Wish shipping services can take up 5 days and at most 3 weeks if you do not want to pay for speedy delivery. It’s the perfect platform for sellers as it helps facilitate and speed up the sales of goods and does not really interfere in seller-buyers connection over products apart from the payments aspect. Growth Effects

The first set of years, Wish was introduced as an e-commerce platform, it really saw growth and a lot of admiration. People genuinely liked and used the app and the fact that the Wish app is the most downloaded shopping app in the U.S is proof of that.

But with time, the quality of its services declined. This platform favors sellers to buyers. On the bright side, finally, an e-commerce platform that makes selling fun and profitable. But then it also makes buyers susceptible to scams and frauds.

Products sold by sellers on Wish have been reviewed to be of poor or extremely low quality. There are also reports of sellers being able to list illegal items on the platform

Is Legit

The fact the prices of products on Wish are very cheap doesn’t mean it’s a black or illegal market site. Wish is actually legit.

The only reason commodities are cheap on Wish is because you are buying directly from the seller and there are no intermediaries or any added charges. Plus most sellers on Wish do not sell original or new stuff. In some cases, commodities on Wish are junk or used kinds of stuff.

Recently, there were reports that Wish’s founder Piotr Szulczewski hired Facebook’s Connie Chang to investigate distressing sales on the platform.

The concept behind buying on wish is using your discretion to ascertain the value and worth of different commodities. If a commodity is rather too cheap for how it looks, that should be a red flag.

Also, it would be very wise not to buy anything foods, electronics or machinery from Wish.

Is Safe

The question might arise, “is it safe to sign in to wish via my Goggle or Facebook account” or “these guys sound like scams, how do I leave my card details on this website”. Like I stated earlier, the fact that products are unreasonably cheap on Wish does not mean they are thieves or scams.

They do have a lot of issues they have to sort out with their sellers but for now, there is nothing wrong with Wish as a whole. In order for anyone to use the Wish platform, they will have to create an account.

The Good and Bad Wish

Wish is just a platform to connect you as a seller to a buyer, hence prices of products will be very cheap. Beware and do not get tempted to bite more than you can chew.

On platforms like Wish, what you want to do is get a trusted seller. Then build a customer relationship with the seller on trust. Most sellers on Wish are merchants.

If you build a trust coated relationship with a seller, you might be able to convince the seller to get you some commodities on your own terms.

One of the best tips I could give you while shopping on Wish is not to get into any problems you can’t solve on your own. Wish’s customer care is not exactly the best in the world. It is very difficult to contact Wish via any of their contact address including their mobile number.

Refunds on Wish are also equally poorly reviewed. Their refund policy states: You must file in for a refund within 30-days of the delivery or estimated delivery date.

Considering the rate people purchase poor or damaged products on Wish are quite high. This will equally result in a high refund rate among buyers in which case most won’t be answered. Hence a low success rate of refund requests.


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