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Anybooks Mod Apk is an excellent app that helps users access a wide library of books online. Books are a wonderful escape from reality; they may take readers on a journey that can only be possible in their wildest imaginations.

Frankly, in recent years, the allure of traditional books has dulled. The Anybooks Mod Apk app caters to users who are more attuned to digital forms of literature. There are a large and seemingly unending number of books to choose from; based on different genres and focused on many areas.

About Anybooks Mod Apk

Anybooks Mod Apk is a free app with access to one of the world’s largest libraries of books. The app was created by Muses Lab for people who enjoy reading books on a daily bases/frequently.

Any Books Mod Apk

It has an advanced search bar that makes it easy for users to find their favorite books. Users can explore different genres, categories, authors, and so on.

Any books Mod Apk provides comprehensive reading support for over 10 languages. It also has a simple user interface and a customizable reading function.

Features Of Anybooks

  • Built-in Dictionary – The app has a built-in dictionary. This lets users search for certain words while reading their ebooks. You can do so by simply tapping and holding the word to see its definition. This is very useful for learning English and developing fluent grammar.
  • Sync your ebooks – The app allows people to read their books across different devices. You can start reading on one device, and continue where you left off on another. All your notes and highlights are saved in the app.
  • Multiple Language Support – The Anybooks app has books spanning a wide variety of languages. Namely English, French, Russian, German, Spanish and Indian Languages (Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Kashmiri, Oriya, Urdu, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Sindhi).
  • Huge Library – The app gives you access to thousands, if not millions of books for free. Anyone who enjoys reading books either as a hobby or as a pastime will enjoy this app.
  • Diverse Categories – The app has a lot of categories such as; History, Career, Mystery, Thriller, Biography, Current Affairs, Lifestyle Literature, Astrology, Humour, Philosophy, Self-help, Medicine, Science, Lifestyle, and much more.
  • Download & Read Offline – The Anybooks Mod Apk app allows its users to download their favorite books, and read them without an internet connection.
  • Simple Interface – The interface of the app is easy and intuitive. Certain aspects can be altered to improve the reading experience. Such as the font size which can be increased or decreased. Also, brightness can also be changed to take better care of the reader’s eyes.

Advantages Of Anybooks Mod Apk

  • It is ad-free.
  • All the books are unlocked.
  • No need for payment to read any of the books.

How To Download Anybooks Mod Apk

  1. Go to ‘’.
  2. Search for ‘anybooks mod apk’.
  3. Download the file.
  4. After the download is done.
  5. Tap the downloaded file and tap install.

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